Should I get Ipad?

Woke up this morning and not feeling very well. I'm stress out for the past two days. Yesterday, I asked my boss if I can get a day off today. My cousins from Canada are coming down to visit. I am waiting for their call right now. All of the sudden, I just feel like checking out my blogs. It's been awhile since I've been doing entries here. I feel like I don't even know how to do entries or I don't know what to blog anymore. I have a wireless connection that i can go use it anywhere and thinking of going to get an Ipad so I can continue blogging, I actually miss doing this. I came across canvass data. It's a website where you can get all the information and ideas. Check out complaints canvass data. This is where I get the idea about the ipad. I gotta go to get ready to meet my cousins. Have a great day!

Private Money Secured by Real Estate

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New blogger

My co-worker and I talked about blogging. She mentioned that her mom's blogged on her spare time, I told her that I'm a blogger too but I'm not as active anymore since I work full time and go to school full time. I told her I made money on blogging and she couldn't believe I did. She asked me how? I told her a little bit of details and she seems interested. Tonight, in FB she posted that she's now a new blogger. She's excited and happy about it. She want to do blogging for fun not just to make money. Now, I get to visit her blog. I'm excited... ;)

Opportunity Charter is mobile Father's Day

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

felt bad of my husband. Last father's day I didn't give him anything, even a simple card. I greet him Happy Father's Day though. Since we got married that was the only time I didn't give him card for father's day. I'm not a mom yet but he gave me mother's day card for mother's day. He said you're a mom of my kids too. Until now, I'm still thinking of giving or doing something for him. Since, he loves buying a lot of tools and he works in Home Depot Corporate I thought of buying him a gift card. This would be late for father's day but I'm pretty sure he would love it. I thought about giving it to him really soon because I want to take the opportunity of the charter contest, we will have a chance to win an Ipod touch. This is what I found out about it.
  • Get a gift card worth up to $300 when you bring home one of Charter's best bundles.
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Check this out and Enter now to win an iPod Touch. I'm a facebook addict this would be good, I can check charter and get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page

a video of the charter app is here:

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