Fun with hubby

Today, hubby and I had a great time together. We've shop a little bit and bought some stuff for my family in the Philippines. I have 2 boxes to send but I'll wait for a little bit since I still need to buy more stuff for them. After shopping, we went home and watch movie, The X Files... It's a new release and we're enjoying it. We have also another movie to watch so we might do it tomorrow night. Well, I'm getting ready to do a lot of stuff tomorrow since I'll be going back to work this Monday from a week off. I'll attend mass tomorrow then do some stuff at home and might hang out with my friends too. Anyway, I have to go to bed now. Good Night!

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Staying up late

Well, it is almost midnight here now but still I don't feel like going to sleep. I'm thinking about my grandma she just got out from the hospital yesterday and I'm still worried about her even though she feels better already but I keep thinking about her, I want to see her. Right now, I'm talking to my cousin in the Philippines and for me it is very helpful that there is somebody I can talk to when I need. We're talking a lot of things right now and I'm having fun talking with her. Hopefully, I'll get sleepy soon because I have to get up early tomorrow.

Blackhawk Gear

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Last saturday, we celebrated the halloween at my friend Jenny's house. We did a halloween party last year and also this year at the same place. We brought foodshare to everybody and I cooked and brought it over. It was nice and had a lot of fun. I was a cleopatra last year and this year I am a cowgirl at work and a Police woman and my huband is a man in black. We had a contest at work for the costume and will win a 100 dollars. Unfortunately I didn't win. LOL... The pictures were taken during the party and also at work with my co-workers.

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