My job

It's been 3 months now since the date I started my job but it seems like it was just a month ago. I'm very excited because I could apply as permanent employee as soon as they're hiring. They said I could just apply for permanent after my 3 months of working there. I wish they will hire me if I apply for the full time position. I do love this job even though it doesn't pay that much that's why I'm very excited to apply for the permanent position. Well, I will do my very best so I can get this job soon. I'll keep on praying as well.

Meet the one who is right for you!

The very first time I talked to my husband was online. Not knowing that, that was the start of our life together. After the day we introduce ourselves and know each other, we decided to continue as friends. We both don't expect that it will take to be like what we are right now. We talked online for five months and he decided to meet me in person. He spent three weeks in our country and the second time he visited we got married. This coming Saturday is our 3 years anniversary and I can't believe it, days goes fast and here we are still together and promise to be together forever.

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Finally met my cousins

I finally met my cousins in Canada. We went to Vancouver, British Columbia last weekend and stayed there for 3 days. I’m so happy to meet my cousins because I haven’t seen them for years. I enjoyed our trip and our visit even though it was very short. I was hoping to stay more days but I can’t because I had to work Monday. We’re planning to come back hopefully this christmas.

People Search

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Trip to B.C.

I'm very excited for our trip this coming Thursday going to Vancouver, B.C. I'm so excited to meet my cousins there. They were supposed to be here last two weeks ago but for some reasons they cancelled their trip coming here. My husband and I decided to visit this weekend. Hopefully the weather won't be that bad because we're driving up there.

Charter: Save Green, Go Green!

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We're planning to visit my husband's Uncle up in Northern Washington this coming week since I have 3 days off. We're going to be there for just few days and be back Sunday. We also plan to drive through Vancouver BC to see my cousins out there. It is just a couple hours from where his Uncle lives. Hopefully it will be a nice day because we're not going if it will be bad weather because we're just driving going there. I'm excited for our driving trip and of course to see his uncle and my cousins.

Take Control of your Investments

Fed up with the news about our banking system and the tax payers having to bail out yet another bunch of mega-giant financial institutions, while their CEO’s walk away with tens of millions of dollars that were once ours? How about your financial advisors that didn’t see this coming? Did you lose big in your retirement fund or investment accounts? If you’re sick and tired of trusting the “experts” with your money only to see a turn in the economy set you back a few years, then you need to consider taking control of your own investing. Give and receive advice from others like you.
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My new phone

My hubby and I went to shop for Ipod last week so I have something to listen at work. I always get bored at work so I decided to get a new one. We looked at Best buy's and any other stores. I like Ipod and I like the smaller kind but then when my husband saw the new LG Mobile Phone, he wanted to get it instead of Ipod. He wants to upgrade my phone since it's almost time for me to change it. He likes the phone a lot but I just want to get a little Ipod for me just to listen music while at work. But anyway, we went back to get it and now I like it too. The phone has a lot of features that I like a lot and I'm enjoying playing with it and listen my favorite music.