Take Control of your Investments

Fed up with the news about our banking system and the tax payers having to bail out yet another bunch of mega-giant financial institutions, while their CEO’s walk away with tens of millions of dollars that were once ours? How about your financial advisors that didn’t see this coming? Did you lose big in your retirement fund or investment accounts? If you’re sick and tired of trusting the “experts” with your money only to see a turn in the economy set you back a few years, then you need to consider taking control of your own investing. Give and receive advice from others like you.
There is a new investment community that matches up like minded investors and provides innovative analytics to help optimize your investing goals. Created by some of the veterans from E*Trade, Inner 8 is combining investment blogging with state of the art technology and innovative analysis. You can establish yourself as a founder level contributor by alerting your readers to this new community. It’s time to join your peers, and take control of your investing. Take control of your future. Take a first look at Inner8.com and see what others have to say. Welcome to the next wave of the online investing revolution, welcome to Inner8.com.

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