Laptop a Day!


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Aunt feel better now

Just got home from work and I'm so tired plus I'm stressed because I’m thinking of my family back in the Philippines especially the situation of my Aunt. On the other hand, I’m glad because she’s out from the hospital already. She was release yesterday. She decided to rest on our house instead of staying in the hospital and her doctor allows her to go home since she felt better already. I talked to her for a little bit and she said she’s better and she said she rather go home than staying in the hospital. She said she doesn’t like in the hospital because of the air-con. She said she’s cold, I told her they can adjust it but she insisted to go home and rest there because she felt fine already. I felt relieve knowing that she’s better but I’m still worried about her. Well, I hope she’ll take her medicine so that she’ll get much better soon.

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This online debating community is very interesting in fact they have placed about "The media is blatantly supporting
Barack Obama's presidential bid". Well for me I can’t and I don’t believe the media suppose to support Barack Obama because they should be in the middle. They have the right to choose who they think is better but to be fair with the other party they should be in the middle.

Anyway, you guys should go to because I'm sure you will find more interesting topics.

Please Pray for my Auntie! :-(

My Auntie is in the hospital right now. My mom texted me about her being sick, she said that she doesn’t like to eat, she’s vomiting and she can't see very well. They were planning to take her to the doctor a day before they texted me but then they don't have enough money. I suggested them to take her to the hospital. I am very sad about her and I wanted her to be in the hospital as soon as possible. She was confined in the hospital last November of 2007 and March of this year. I remember when I was a kid she was very sick too and the problem is she doesn't have enough calcium and she's anemic. Her teeth were broken up and she can't walk that time. After a year or two of being sick, she got better but now it came back.

When they got to the hospital, I called them right away to find out. The Doctor told them that the reason why her eyesight got bad because her eyes got dry and she have the same problems like before. I hope she'll get better soon. I am praying for her all the time.

By the way, my Auntie is the only sister of my mom. She's like a mother to me and to my brothers and sister. She took care of us with my grandparents when we're kids. She was married before but when she got very sick her husband left her. He said he’s going to find a job so he can provide of what she needs in the hospital but he never came back. We didn’t hear about him for few years until last 2005, we found out he came back to their Barangay with kids and his fake wife. My Auntie and him are not annulled yet so we wanted to file adultery and abandonment because of what he did but my Auntie doesn’t want to do it because he has kids and she doesn’t want to bother him anymore. She respect and felt bad about his kids. It’s is very sad knowing about my Auntie’s situation but we’re here for he. We love her so much and we're here always. Right now, I’m supporting for what she needs in the hospital and I will do what I can for her. I probably call her doctor tomorrow to find out her situation.

Please pray for my Auntie!

Met a new friend!!!

Just got home from a new friend of mine. My co-worker invited me to come to her friends house today. She said that one of her friends wanted to meet me in person. She said she's from Surigao, Philippines. Knowing that she's from Surigao like me made me excited and happy. Right after worked, we went to her house to meet her and her daughter. It was nice to meet her and her daughter today. The nice thing is we talked the same language, the Surigaonon which made me feel easy to talk to her with the Surigaonon language. lol
They just got home last Saturday from their vacation in the Philippines for two months. Her daughter celebrated her 18
th Birthday in Siargao Island, Surigao. She had a fabulous debut there. We were watching the video and it was really nice. Watching also their video with the views of Surigao Island, the fresh fish that her relatives caught and the coconut around made me want to come and visit the Philippines right away. I miss my family and the foods. I'm excited but I don't know when I can.

Picnic at Work

Today, we had a nice picnic at work. Over 300 employees had a free lunch today, the company where I work do that every year. We had a lot of fun not just because of the lunch we had but because of the raffle. Everybody got a free ticket for the raffle and even though I didn't get any prizes from that raffle but it was nice of them having the raffle for the employees. At first we went outside for the lunch because they installed a huge tent with table and chairs for that picnic. They have hamburger which is actually a grilled chicken breast that they offered for everybody, salads, fruits, drinks and ice cream. Then after that they started the raffle where bunch of prizes are waiting for the lucky winner to pick them up . Their prizes are Ipods, sunglasses, jackets, cuisinart kitchen set, piano,FM radios, CD players, DVD players, Digital Camera, 700 minutes phone cards, Automatic toothbrush, 22 Inch Flat Screen TV & etc. It was very nice to our company doing that for everybody. I was very excited of my ticket unfortunately I didn't win, I'm looking forward for that next year though. He-he!

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Weekend with my friends!

Pictures of me and my 2 friends taken last Sunday when I went to their house to have lunch. I cooked sinigang and brought it to their house while they cooked adobo and vegetables. After we ate, we were singing karaoke and took some pictures before I went home. I miss hanging out with them because I'm busy working in the weekdays so I can only see them when I'm not working which I can do it, only in the weekend. Miss you girls and Love yah!!!

Running a yellow light!!!

My friends and I hanged outs at the mall today and after we shopped around and bought some stuff at Body Bath & Works, I told them I'm going to buy nail polish, hair spray and some feminine stuff. One of my friends said she also wants to buy some over the counter medicine for her Dad in the Philippines so we decided to go to Wal-Mart. There are two Wal-Marts in our area but the closest one is older so we decided to go to the newer one which is 15 to 20 minutes drive. We talked and decided to just drive individually since it's almost late and so when we're done we can just go home and not to bother someone for the ride.

We took the freeway because it's quicker but then after that we still have to take highway. When we got to Wal-Mart, we shop right away and then when we’re done, we decided to just go home since it's already late. We drove like one group of cars following each other like what we did when we're on our way to Wal-Mart. The speed limit of the Highway we took is 40. I was behind my two friends car then I changed lane because our lane has a lot of traffic and very slow. I was driving 41 just 1 mph over the limit.

I am always safe on how I drive but sometimes some unexpected stuffs happened like what I experienced today. I saw the light turns to yellow when I was already close to the intersection so I ended up running with the yellow light because I can't stop it anymore but my other friend was able to stop since I beat her because I changed to the other lane. I suppose I can stop it but it was really hard so I ended up running with the yellow light. I didn't know that there was a cop turning left and was following behind me. I was really nervous thinking that he's going to pull me over and give a ticket of what I did.

I was checking on him if he turns his lights like a red signal to pull me over but he didn't but he’s following me for a while. I thought he was just waiting for a right place to pull me over. I was supposed to take freeway but I took the highway instead because he was following me and it would be easy for me to stop or pull over in the highway than freeway if ever he will. I tried to calm down and focus my driving but I was still nervous and I want to call my husband but using phone while driving here in Washington is illegal and they will give you a ticket for that too so I didn't do that and just wait until I get home and tell him. It seems like the cop was checking in his computer while following me. He might checking my license plate and our records but after the 7 lights I passed, I saw him turning right and not following me anymore.

Oh my Gosh, I felt relieve and the fever I had is gone. He-he I know I should stop when the light turns to yellow but with my situation earlier I can’t stop anymore. I saw a couple cops on my way pulling over with other drivers, they might do speeding. When I got home I told my husband about it and I was still nervous and worried that they might just send me a ticket on the mail. He said that if the cop was there and saw that I was very dangerous driver or if I'm speeding or passing a red light he will pull me over right away and won’t wait very long. He might thought I was driving good though after following me for awhile but hopefully I won’t receive any ticket in the mail. Grrr, I don’t want to have a bad driving record and aside from that, our insurance will get high or will be expensive.

I hope this will give some lessons to all of you. When you’re driving you should always ready to stop. I’m always careful and ready to stop but just today I was not able to. I was driving 41 mph and as I said I was already close to the intersection so I decided to run with the yellow light, good thing it was not red.

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Still busy with my new job

Today is my 8 days with my new job and its fun to learn different things everyday but sometimes it’s hard to memorize the tasks at one time. I’m still looking forward to learn more with my new job. I’m still on the learning process and I’ll see if I can do well with this job then if not I might just give up and look for different job which I think I can do better.

That's why I'm very busy lately because I had to get up around 4 o’clock in the morning to take shower and prepare for my lunch. Hubby usually gets up earlier than me as I don't like to get up and take shower right away. Then I take shower when his done then while I'm on shower he’s making breakfast and his coffee.

Around 5:30 in the morning, that's the time I’ll leave to work and he leave to his work as well. I will be home around 3:30 in the afternoon because when I’m off I had to go meet other Filipinas in the break room resting before we go home. Actually my schedule everyday is 6 AM to 2:30 PM but it depends if we have to get our task done to ship it then we're going to work over time. Yesterday I’m off 3:00 PM because I had to go through 3 hours training, learning how to use different machines and next week I’ll have 4 hours different training.

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I promise I will visit my blogger friends. I miss this stuff so much but today I have to do this really quick because I need to make our dinner and sleep early.


I've been busy lately because of my job but last Friday I was able to hang out with my friends for the whole day and shop a little bit. One of my friends invited me to have lunch with her with one our other friend. We had lunch at Nordstrom Cafe then we shopped. We went to a lot of stores to do some window shopping then as usual spending our time at Starbucks when we're done shopping. Hopefully I will be able to hang out with them sometimes although I'm working full time but I will try to keep in touch with them.

Last Saturday my husband and I were spending time together but we're cleaning at home from morning until noon. Then yesterday, I had to iron our clothes then I went to my friends house for her daughter's birthday. Whew! I'm too busy but I will try to make some updates on my blog when I have a tiny time. he-he

Page error- Operation Aborted

Guys, did you have problems with your blog like what I had last night? What I mean is that I can’t view my page last night and even this morning. I even tried to view it with 3 different computers but it was the same. I can sign in though but it says Operation Aborted when I viewed my page. Grrr!

By the way, the picture is a screen shot I did this morning. I thought I did something wrong with my blog or else I posted something that I am not supposed to. I tried to figure it out and I was upset because I had no idea how I can fix it. I finally saw the error on it; I put an arrow about what I mean. It says etc, so what I did I had to go to my layout and deleted the site meter counter I had on my page element.

I tried to open my page after I did it, it was working finally. I was happy because it didn’t take very long for me to figure it out. Last night I was not makulit or curious on my computer to fix it because I was very tired so I decided to do it this morning instead.

I talked to my cousin today and she said some blogs she visited has the same problems. So guys, I hope this would help you if ever your page has the same problems. Just follow what I did.