Picnic at Work

Today, we had a nice picnic at work. Over 300 employees had a free lunch today, the company where I work do that every year. We had a lot of fun not just because of the lunch we had but because of the raffle. Everybody got a free ticket for the raffle and even though I didn't get any prizes from that raffle but it was nice of them having the raffle for the employees. At first we went outside for the lunch because they installed a huge tent with table and chairs for that picnic. They have hamburger which is actually a grilled chicken breast that they offered for everybody, salads, fruits, drinks and ice cream. Then after that they started the raffle where bunch of prizes are waiting for the lucky winner to pick them up . Their prizes are Ipods, sunglasses, jackets, cuisinart kitchen set, piano,FM radios, CD players, DVD players, Digital Camera, 700 minutes phone cards, Automatic toothbrush, 22 Inch Flat Screen TV & etc. It was very nice to our company doing that for everybody. I was very excited of my ticket unfortunately I didn't win, I'm looking forward for that next year though. He-he!


anneV said...

that sounds nice. sorry about that issue of you not winning anything. good thing is, you've enjoyed it with your friends at work.

better luck next year though!

Ailecgee said...

Looked like your company is doing well with you employees. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! With prizes or none at all, you enjoyed. And that's great!