Page error- Operation Aborted

Guys, did you have problems with your blog like what I had last night? What I mean is that I can’t view my page last night and even this morning. I even tried to view it with 3 different computers but it was the same. I can sign in though but it says Operation Aborted when I viewed my page. Grrr!

By the way, the picture is a screen shot I did this morning. I thought I did something wrong with my blog or else I posted something that I am not supposed to. I tried to figure it out and I was upset because I had no idea how I can fix it. I finally saw the error on it; I put an arrow about what I mean. It says etc, so what I did I had to go to my layout and deleted the site meter counter I had on my page element.

I tried to open my page after I did it, it was working finally. I was happy because it didn’t take very long for me to figure it out. Last night I was not makulit or curious on my computer to fix it because I was very tired so I decided to do it this morning instead.

I talked to my cousin today and she said some blogs she visited has the same problems. So guys, I hope this would help you if ever your page has the same problems. Just follow what I did.


mm said...

hi jam! r u using internet explorer? try using firefox it may solve ur problem

SweetPinay said...

hmm,wala pasad ko ka encounter ani gurl maybe because wala man sad ko site meter. If ever mahitabu ni sa ako ask lang ko sa imu.