Pineapple Express uses International Oddities Products

The pleasurable act of smoking at its base level touches a primal need to align our spirit with higher energies, guiding us in the direction of a higher definition of self awareness. Each International Oddities product offers a smoking experience of a unique vibratory level of delight, ultimately illuminating many stopping posts for contemplation of the great unraveling mysteries of life. International Oddities sells 100% Legal Buds and Herbal Smokes plus dozens of smoking accessories for the RYO (Roll Your Own) consumer.
For over 25 Years they have redefined the smoking market and been hailed by industry as the future of smoking in America and abroad. Their patented packaging, innovative cigarette boxes with built in rolling papers, extreme rolling machines and hookahs insure fun, variety and adventure for the sophisticated smoker who insists on a unique experience.

International Oddities non-tobacco legal bud smoking products have found their way into so many Hollywood movies that it's no wonder our line ended up being used throughout the movie
Pineapple Express. The International Oddities smoking line is so unique and innovative, that sometimes we in the company forget the initial shock the public express when they first learn of our legal bud smokes. Our customer reactions are quite similar to the amazement expressed by the stars in the front rows of the MTV music awards (Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Rhiana, Chris Brown, Anne Hathaway) during the fake weed stunt as the remarkable aroma of International Oddities product blew into the audience.
Hollywood seems to have its finger on the pulse of upcoming trends, and the positive feedback and trendy support of the International Oddities product line reveal distinct changes in the smoking industry. Whether International Oddities are the future visionaries of the smoking world or merely a 25-year overnight success remains to be seen. Movie crews told them that
International Oddities legal bud products never fail to turn heads on the set, especially after the first puff.

I like this product because this is the best option for everyone who doesn’t smoke cigarette but want to smoke like this legal bud. I think this bud is the best that helps a lot as great alternative and will help you to sit down, ease your mind and relax after a long hard day.

****By ordering any products offered by International Oddities Inc. (hereafter known as I.O.) I accept and agree to the following terms and conditions of sale. Our products are not to be sold or used by anyone under 18 years of age. Purchaser agrees that all smoking products acquired are for their own tobacco alternative use. That is to say that as an alternative to tobacco usage, I.O. Inc.™ smoking products have no other use intended or implied. Purchaser will abide by all laws and regulations in their governing state as they may relate to our products. I am in good health and have no medical or mental conditions. Understanding that these tobacco alternative products have no other use intended or implied, I do not intend to use any product for other than its intended purpose, and do not intend to use any product for any illegal purposes. User understands that these products are not intended for illegal use or in conjunction with any illegal substances. Our products do not contain marijuana, nor are they offered as legal marijuana, marijuana alternatives, legal highs, herbal highs or presented or labeled as such.

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