Please Pray for my Auntie! :-(

My Auntie is in the hospital right now. My mom texted me about her being sick, she said that she doesn’t like to eat, she’s vomiting and she can't see very well. They were planning to take her to the doctor a day before they texted me but then they don't have enough money. I suggested them to take her to the hospital. I am very sad about her and I wanted her to be in the hospital as soon as possible. She was confined in the hospital last November of 2007 and March of this year. I remember when I was a kid she was very sick too and the problem is she doesn't have enough calcium and she's anemic. Her teeth were broken up and she can't walk that time. After a year or two of being sick, she got better but now it came back.

When they got to the hospital, I called them right away to find out. The Doctor told them that the reason why her eyesight got bad because her eyes got dry and she have the same problems like before. I hope she'll get better soon. I am praying for her all the time.

By the way, my Auntie is the only sister of my mom. She's like a mother to me and to my brothers and sister. She took care of us with my grandparents when we're kids. She was married before but when she got very sick her husband left her. He said he’s going to find a job so he can provide of what she needs in the hospital but he never came back. We didn’t hear about him for few years until last 2005, we found out he came back to their Barangay with kids and his fake wife. My Auntie and him are not annulled yet so we wanted to file adultery and abandonment because of what he did but my Auntie doesn’t want to do it because he has kids and she doesn’t want to bother him anymore. She respect and felt bad about his kids. It’s is very sad knowing about my Auntie’s situation but we’re here for he. We love her so much and we're here always. Right now, I’m supporting for what she needs in the hospital and I will do what I can for her. I probably call her doctor tomorrow to find out her situation.

Please pray for my Auntie!

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