My Co-workers

I got a call few nights ago from my co-workers. They wanted me to come over and visit them for a little bit. They said they miss me a lot; they wanted me to go for a dinner with them. I told them I will drop by to say hello to them or talk for a little bit. They were upset and said that I don’t like them anymore thats why I don't want to see & hang out with them. Hmm, I said that's not true. I felt so bad because they were like my best friends & my sisters. When I was working there, we're very close and we worked as a team.

They text and called me again, they really wanted me to come. I told them I had an appointment already with my friends, we're going for a walk. But I felt bad so I decided to come. I called and told them I will come at 6 PM before closing. They said they're excited to see and hang out with me.

I drove and when I got there they were so happy and I was too. I missed them a lot and it was nice to see them again. It's been a month I haven't seen them. They offered me some ice cream and chips but I didn’t eat. I’m on a diet (hehe, not really). I just want to wait for that big dinner. We went out to shop a little bit after the dinner. We had so much fun and I miss hanging out with them.

Its about Me and My Soul mate

I was a Computer Secretarial Student when I started surfing different stuff online. I actually can used computer just at the Internet cafe when we have project, because I don’t have computer at home. One time a friend of mine invited me to go to the Internet cafe, she said just for fun. I was kind of curious of what she’s talking about. She said that she found a new friend over the Internet. I was like how come? She convinced me to go to the Internet Cafe because of it. When we got there she showed me how. It’s pretty simple & I didn’t have any problem that much because it’s kind of basic for me, just does typing. But I was not that very good with English. That time I learned about chatting and I felt so addicted to it because it was fun and besides I got new friends online. Since then I’m online when I have a little bit of money to pay for my hours at the Internet cafe. I’m also online while I’m doing my projects. I talked to some people and became my friends over the Internet which was not really sure if they were sincere or not, but Internet cafe starts to be as one my favorite place. He he

When I graduated with my Associates Degree, I decided to apply for a job going to Kuwait. I tried to apply some local job but I was not lucky at all and the money I will earn is not really enough. While I’m doing some of my paperwork’s for my application to Kuwait, I try to open my account in a website which I have my profile with my picture in it and somebody start to talk to me. It was kind of weird because as soon as I open it, a guy talks to me right away. He introduces himself and I just tried to be nice and I introduce myself as well. We started talking about different things like his life and he asked about me too. I was trying to be silly to him, being talkative and I asked a lot of questions. He had fun talking with me. He said I’m very funny and cute. Hm mm, how come I become cute suddenly? That time seems like was very fast we became friends; he called me at my cell phone right after we talked online. He asked me if I can be online the next day and I told him I will try because I am busy with my paperwork’s going to Kuwait.

Days, weeks, and months passed really quick and our friendship went very well and all those times I was still waiting for a call from the agency I was applying to go to Kuwait. After almost Five months we talked online, he told me to cancel my applications going to Kuwait which was that time I got call from the Agency to go to Manila and then everything will be ready for me. I had to think about it seriously because it was hard. It is about my opportunity to work to the other country or to meet somebody’s special for me? I have a very special feeling to him already so I told him before I will go to Kuwait, you can meet me. He bought a ticket right a way to come to the Philippines. He is going to visit for two weeks.

When we finally met in person, we tried to know each other more. After a week he was there, he talked to my parents and asks about me. He told them, he loves me and he wants to marry me before he comes back to the US. Whew! That was very fast. I was really scared when I was at my neighbor’s house then my dad called my name; he sounds and looks very serious. I don’t have any idea what’s going on? I thought I did something or was that because I left that guy in our house while I am at my neighbor’s house eating fruit (tambis). I went home and then my parents told me and asked me about it. I was shocked and nervous. They told me to decide because I will be the one to live with him forever and it’s not like a food that if I tasted it and if I felt like my tongue is burning, I can spit it very easy. So I told them the truth and said yes because I love him too. That time I don’t even know what to do in front of my parents. It was the first formal and serious talks in front of them and can’t explain what I feel. He he

He went back to the US and after 3 weeks he came back for our wedding. It was the happiest day of my life. I was not expecting I will be married in front of a lot of people. I thought I will just be an old maid (single forever) or get pregnant and won’t be married at all. I have that perfect wedding. It was perfect for me because I have my entire family, my mother & my father’s parent, other relatives and my friends.

After the obstacles we overcome we’re finally together. We had to wait for 13 months before we can be together. I can’t believe I am with him now. I love him so much even though a lot of people think we’re weird because I am too young for him but I don’t really care about them I care about my feelings and how we loved each other. It’s not about them; it is about me and him living together. I hope that God will bless us and guides our marriage at all time. I hope we will stay strong and will be together forever.

The Beauty of Pearls

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Friend Sweet Friend

I don't feel good lately. I had no idea why I am suffering with my allergy. Yesterday I had to stay at home because when I woke up I was not feeling good so I decided to do something that way I won’t feel worse. I started our laundry and ironing some of our clothes. When I get done I went down to our media room to do some exercise. After that, I rested and my feeling got worse. At night before I go to bed I took shower.

This morning I can’t even move when I woke up. I felt bad to myself I think I am over fatigue because I did a lot of things lately. My sweet friend tried to talk to me on my messenger but I was not on my laptop. I didn’t wake up until almost 11 in the morning. When I saw I had a message I tried to call her. She did not answer me so I tried sending her a message. She then talks to me and one of our friends is at her house. They’re telling me that they’re going to eat because she cooks some yummy foods. I told them why not inviting me while I didn’t have anything to eat because I don’t feel like cooking. They wanted me to come over and so we can have lunch at her house. I told them my husband use my car and I can’t drive our SUV and besides I don’t feel like driving since I’m sick. They decided to pick me up. How sweet? We ate right away when we got there then have some tea. Afterwards, my sweet friend offered me that she will do a massage for me. I felt better after she did it. It was very sweet of her. I'm so thankful for my friends for being so sweet. I felt so blessed for having them and for treating me as their younger sister.

Beautiful Spot in Oregon That I Visited

I haven’t been to a lot of places yet but that is what I want to do in the future, traveling around the world when I am financially secure. I want to see a lot of beautiful places and learn about other culture. I love taking pictures, specially the beauty of Nature like mountains, trees, birds, and all the pretty things the world has.

I went to Bend Oregon second week of this month. I spent 3 days including our driving going there and back here in Washington. While we’re driving going to Bend there were a lot of beautiful places we passed. The trees are beautiful and of course the mountains. I took some pictures while we’re on our trip. I wanted to stay more days so I can go to other nice places but I can’t. While I was there we took our time doing some fun stuff. We went to The Cove Palisades State Park and then the Lake Billy Chinook. The Cove Palisades State Park surrounds land of Lake Billy Chinook. It is located in the Central Part of the State; it is near Culver and Madras.

At Bend Oregon, they have an extinct volcano called Pilot Butte. It is a cone shape. It is 2 miles up and down or 500 ft elevation. Some people go there for fitness. They have the walking trail that you can use or you can drive up to the top. There you can see the very nice views of the city of Bend. You can see almost all the volcanoes, namely Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Jefferson, Three Sisters and Even Mt. Hood. It is very beautiful and made me feel like I want to build a house at the top of Pilot Butte just to stay with the beautiful view.

Above are some of the pictures I took when I was there.

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Memorial Day!

Memorial Day originally known as Decoration Day! The moment of remembrance. It is the day in which we celebrate for all the heroes who died by serving the nation. The only day in the whole year which we get together to remember and honor them. Let us be proud of those soldiers who risk their lives for the sake of our nations. Even though they're not with us anymore but they will always stay in our hearts.

In this Memorial Day, we also remember our loved ones who passed away. Showing them how we still love, care for them and their memories remains the same in our hearts. The memories of their love they showed to us when they're still alive will always stay even though we have not seen them for a long long time.

We went to the Memorial Park yesterday and I saw a lot of people who came & visited to their loved ones. They brought flowers and flags. How sweet & nice to see that everybody doing it for their loved ones. How good it is to feel that we still here for them. I'm sure they are also happy seeing us and knowing that we still remember them.

Food Trip!

Today my brother in law called us and invited us to have a brunch(breakfast & lunch). It's like a food trip in the middle of breakfast and lunch time. When he called us they were already on their way to the restaurant. My mother in law and my father in law are also coming. We went to Olive Garden. It's a famous Italian Restaurant. I've heard that they have a very good pasta meal. I haven't been there as every time my husband wanted to go that place I refused or don't want to go because I figured I won't like it in there so we end up going to different place. I'm not really fun of pasta food except lasagna & spaghetti which I can make it on my own so I rather go to other restaurant that has grilling or barbecue, that's sounds good for me. So earlier I was curious & excited to try their food and of course somebody will pay for our food so it sounds fun & very nice. lol Well, it was very nice of my brother in law for inviting us to have brunch.

For the appetizer, I tried the potato soup mixed with ground sausage in it to start with and it was yummy. My husband and I shared his salad too, it was good as well.
I ordered Grilled Shrimp Caprese. My husband and my mother in law got the Apricot Chicken with Asparagus and Broccoli. Dad got the lasagna and my brother in law ordered Parmesan Chicken. All the foods we ordered was very good. We totally enjoyed our brunch even though we did not plan it. It was unexpected get together but we had fun. It was a very good part of the holiday.

I Miss My Family!

My family is the reason why I'm still strong and happy. I love them very much and they're my life. Sometimes I asked myself why I have to be very far from them, why not with them forever? But I realize that I have to be far from them because I need to and I'm married from a guy who is from here & I have to be strong.
Today I just feel like I want to be with them because I miss them a lot. It's hard because in my whole life I never been far away from them like this. Unlike when I was still there I can see them as much as I want. I talked to them when I called on the phone, text or chat online sometimes. I cried when I'm in my room earlier today because I wanted to see them but it is not that easy. I wish I can just fly, that way I can see & be with them anytime I want.
I miss my grandpa and grandma because I raised with them. They took care of me since the day after I was born. They are my best grandparents ever. I felt like I don't know what to do if they're going to leave me forever. I am nothing without them. It's very complicated but I'm closer with them than my real parents but of course I love my parents. It is just where I am used to be with that is why I am more close to my grandparents. I missed my family so bad. I prayed I could see them soon.

Some Boring, Tiring & Fun I did today!

Today I woke up early and cooked something simple for my husband. Scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and cut some champagne mangoes. I did it because I felt a little guilty because lately I had been out with my friends, go shops & most of the time our trip is to eat after we exercise. lol. Sometimes he's teasing me and said something like when I was still in the Philippines, I said will cook for him in the morning and pick some clothes, underwear, socks to wear while his on shower but I am not doing it anymore. lol. He told me I just did that the first two months I got here. He he! Too bad, I don't want him to get so spoiled but he does it instead for me. Cooked rice, other kind of food, help together cleaning and he does laundry too.

Anyway, I cleaned quiet a bit today and do some laundry as well. I had to hand wash some of my blouses that are needed to. It was a little fun because I miss the hand washing I did when I was still in Philippines. And sometimes it is better to hand wash the blouses that is so sensitive and I liked to keep my stuff nicer specially if I bought it a little bit expensive for me. I am tired and not even done of my other laundry. I had a lot to do, had to separate the color stuff from the lights while I'm starting the drier I do some light stuff to the washer and then at the same time I'm doing hand wash in the other room.

When I got a little bit tired doing those stuffs, I decided to start seat in front of my computer, checked my e-mails, watched my favorite shows and read some stuff online. I don't know what it is but as soon as I started seat on my favorite chair with my laptop I don't like to stand and I don't like to do anything but curious of whatever online. I got tired and get bored.

My husband got home at four o'clock from the town home we have for sale, he was doing an open house. He asked me if I want to go out do something, I told him I wanted to go for a walk. We seat on our couch and watched some on TV and didn't even know I fall sleep from being tired and bored. I got up like almost 7 in the evening and can't do any walk anymore because it's little late & I'm so tired. I didn't even know he took a picture of me while I'm sleeping. lol My silly husband don't know that to do so he took a picture of me, he said it was cute. What is he talking about? When I looked at my face on the picture I looks gross. My hair are all messed up and my face is almost cover with the two pillows I hug. Well, I felt good after I sleep for almost 3 hours even though I'm bored a little bit. And that's it about today.

Exercise is the Best!!!

Nowadays, almost everyone is having problems about their diet. But the best thing to do is doing exercise. If we eat too much without exercise that is the bad habit. Exercise is the best habit that we need to start with not just to eat and seat in our couch while watching our favorite shows on T.V.

Exercising helps a lot to our entire body. It keeps our heart and lungs working efficiently. It is not just good for young individual but also to the older. It does improves our health, bones, prevent from diabetes, heart disease, low the risk of cancer and other illness. Exercise helps also when you're depress or when you're stress. It also clear our mind or brains. Just give time to exercise and you feel better and very relax when you're done exercising.

When I was still in the Philippines I always do exercise almost everyday to the Gym. I paid for it to be member in a small fitness center. I always went for a dance also as part of my exercise. I felt better and I don't get sick that much. When I got here I totally ignore exercising even though we have our own treadmill and some stuff for exercise. I just used it sometimes when I feel like doing it. Over here I don't get sweat and felt like it is always cold specially in the few months after I got here. It feels so different from the country I came from. I did a lot of adjustment so I didn't feel like doing exercise. Lately, I do some walking with my friends, Pilate's, hip hop, & yoga. It really helps and works very well.

When I started to go back exercising I feel so tired and hard to breath. Even if I just do a little bit of walking or anything harder I feel like I can't do it, I can't breath that good, feel lazy or very tiring. But now I feel better and very relaxed. Early this morning we went out for a walk again even though it was raining pretty bad we didn't cancel our plan, we still did it. I got wet but not as bad because we walked at the lake where a lot of trees around it. I felt so good today after our exercise.


Almost 3 weeks now, I'm having hard time breathing from my allergy. I never felt like this before or even last year. I just got here in the US over a year and half and so far I haven't get any allergies until now. I have this for the first time, sneezing like crazy, headache, my nose itch really bad and bleeds. Sometimes at night when I'm sleeping I can't breathe or else I felt something runny and it was my nose bleeds so bad. I'm scared and worried about myself but I kind of ignored it because I thought I will be fine. I even went to my friend's place which is in Oregon even I don't feel good.
It got worst and worst and my husband decided and called the doctor to set for an appointment. I finally went there and had check up for me. Good thing it was not that bad than I thought. She said it might from the climate change and because I've been walking with my friends to Lacamas Lake which has any kind of trees and that might be the reason I got allergies from.
The Doctor gave me a prescription. It's a Nasal Spray that contains fluticasone Furoate. It is pretty cool because instead of taking allergy pills(which I don't like taking pills) I can just spray this at least twice a day then once a day when I feel a little better. I will just go back or call the doctor after a month if I don't get better.

Lilac Garden

I think everybody knew about Lilac. It is a kind of flowering tree that has a wonderful smells. They have this pretty lavender color, white etc. Honestly I'm not familiar of these tree before but when I went to Lilac Garden in Woodland Washington I was really amaze and very happy because it does looks very pretty and smells so good. The Lilac Garden in Woodland is kinda historical.

As what I knew about it, a woman name Hulda was the one who started the Lilac in Woodland. She loves to plants not just Lilac but fruits as well. She began with her Lilac Garden in 1905. She showed fourteen new varieties to show for her efforts after 5 years. She continued the event annually. She is very well known as Lilac lady. When she past away in 1960, her family was unable to maintain the farms and gardens she have and they sold them. But when the local garden club heard about her legacy that was in danger they decided to save her home and garden in it.

Right now, her garden are owned by a society which is named after her. They wanted to preserve it and did not want to change anything inside the house because some of the things inside are all antiques. Every year they do have an open house from mid April through Mother's Day. They have some plants that are for sale too so that they can have money to support or maintain for the gardens and her house.

The house is pretty old and all of the furniture inside are still complete from the way back when she was still alive. Some of it was made in 1800. Even the bed, sheets, blankets, clothes or some of her dress still there. Pictures and all those small things but memorable are still in there.

My friends and I enjoyed the beauty and good smells of the Lilac and the beauty in it with the house.

New Digi-cam

After a week or two since I broke my Nikon Digi-cam. My husband finally bought a new camera for me last week. We got COOLPIX Nikon Digital Camera which is way better than the one I broke. We bought it in a very reasonable price. Before he bought it for me, he told me he doesn't want me to drop it again like I did before. He said I won't have anymore to drop because he's not gonna buy anymore. :-( But I still felt so happy and glad I broke my old camera because I have a nicer one now. he he! It has more features than the one I had before but they are the same brand.

The best features of this camera is that the other camera has nothing like this. It has 9.0 effective mega pixels, optical 3x Zoom-NIKKOR lens, Digital 4x Zoom 12x Total Zoom, 3.0 LCD Screen, high sensitivity of up to ISO 3200, High-Sensitivity mode from a range of 100 to 2000, Face-priority AF, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and D-Lighting and it is aluminum on the front. Its thinner and lighter than my old camera.

Aside from those features it has a lot of accessories together with the package such as Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger, 1 GB SD Card, USB Cable, AV Cable, Camera Strap, COOLPIX CD-Rom, and a leather pouch.
This camera works pretty good, very nice and does take clear photos. It's different from the old one I had.