Memorial Day!

Memorial Day originally known as Decoration Day! The moment of remembrance. It is the day in which we celebrate for all the heroes who died by serving the nation. The only day in the whole year which we get together to remember and honor them. Let us be proud of those soldiers who risk their lives for the sake of our nations. Even though they're not with us anymore but they will always stay in our hearts.

In this Memorial Day, we also remember our loved ones who passed away. Showing them how we still love, care for them and their memories remains the same in our hearts. The memories of their love they showed to us when they're still alive will always stay even though we have not seen them for a long long time.

We went to the Memorial Park yesterday and I saw a lot of people who came & visited to their loved ones. They brought flowers and flags. How sweet & nice to see that everybody doing it for their loved ones. How good it is to feel that we still here for them. I'm sure they are also happy seeing us and knowing that we still remember them.

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