Friend Sweet Friend

I don't feel good lately. I had no idea why I am suffering with my allergy. Yesterday I had to stay at home because when I woke up I was not feeling good so I decided to do something that way I won’t feel worse. I started our laundry and ironing some of our clothes. When I get done I went down to our media room to do some exercise. After that, I rested and my feeling got worse. At night before I go to bed I took shower.

This morning I can’t even move when I woke up. I felt bad to myself I think I am over fatigue because I did a lot of things lately. My sweet friend tried to talk to me on my messenger but I was not on my laptop. I didn’t wake up until almost 11 in the morning. When I saw I had a message I tried to call her. She did not answer me so I tried sending her a message. She then talks to me and one of our friends is at her house. They’re telling me that they’re going to eat because she cooks some yummy foods. I told them why not inviting me while I didn’t have anything to eat because I don’t feel like cooking. They wanted me to come over and so we can have lunch at her house. I told them my husband use my car and I can’t drive our SUV and besides I don’t feel like driving since I’m sick. They decided to pick me up. How sweet? We ate right away when we got there then have some tea. Afterwards, my sweet friend offered me that she will do a massage for me. I felt better after she did it. It was very sweet of her. I'm so thankful for my friends for being so sweet. I felt so blessed for having them and for treating me as their younger sister.

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