Lilac Garden

I think everybody knew about Lilac. It is a kind of flowering tree that has a wonderful smells. They have this pretty lavender color, white etc. Honestly I'm not familiar of these tree before but when I went to Lilac Garden in Woodland Washington I was really amaze and very happy because it does looks very pretty and smells so good. The Lilac Garden in Woodland is kinda historical.

As what I knew about it, a woman name Hulda was the one who started the Lilac in Woodland. She loves to plants not just Lilac but fruits as well. She began with her Lilac Garden in 1905. She showed fourteen new varieties to show for her efforts after 5 years. She continued the event annually. She is very well known as Lilac lady. When she past away in 1960, her family was unable to maintain the farms and gardens she have and they sold them. But when the local garden club heard about her legacy that was in danger they decided to save her home and garden in it.

Right now, her garden are owned by a society which is named after her. They wanted to preserve it and did not want to change anything inside the house because some of the things inside are all antiques. Every year they do have an open house from mid April through Mother's Day. They have some plants that are for sale too so that they can have money to support or maintain for the gardens and her house.

The house is pretty old and all of the furniture inside are still complete from the way back when she was still alive. Some of it was made in 1800. Even the bed, sheets, blankets, clothes or some of her dress still there. Pictures and all those small things but memorable are still in there.

My friends and I enjoyed the beauty and good smells of the Lilac and the beauty in it with the house.

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