Some Boring, Tiring & Fun I did today!

Today I woke up early and cooked something simple for my husband. Scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and cut some champagne mangoes. I did it because I felt a little guilty because lately I had been out with my friends, go shops & most of the time our trip is to eat after we exercise. lol. Sometimes he's teasing me and said something like when I was still in the Philippines, I said will cook for him in the morning and pick some clothes, underwear, socks to wear while his on shower but I am not doing it anymore. lol. He told me I just did that the first two months I got here. He he! Too bad, I don't want him to get so spoiled but he does it instead for me. Cooked rice, other kind of food, help together cleaning and he does laundry too.

Anyway, I cleaned quiet a bit today and do some laundry as well. I had to hand wash some of my blouses that are needed to. It was a little fun because I miss the hand washing I did when I was still in Philippines. And sometimes it is better to hand wash the blouses that is so sensitive and I liked to keep my stuff nicer specially if I bought it a little bit expensive for me. I am tired and not even done of my other laundry. I had a lot to do, had to separate the color stuff from the lights while I'm starting the drier I do some light stuff to the washer and then at the same time I'm doing hand wash in the other room.

When I got a little bit tired doing those stuffs, I decided to start seat in front of my computer, checked my e-mails, watched my favorite shows and read some stuff online. I don't know what it is but as soon as I started seat on my favorite chair with my laptop I don't like to stand and I don't like to do anything but curious of whatever online. I got tired and get bored.

My husband got home at four o'clock from the town home we have for sale, he was doing an open house. He asked me if I want to go out do something, I told him I wanted to go for a walk. We seat on our couch and watched some on TV and didn't even know I fall sleep from being tired and bored. I got up like almost 7 in the evening and can't do any walk anymore because it's little late & I'm so tired. I didn't even know he took a picture of me while I'm sleeping. lol My silly husband don't know that to do so he took a picture of me, he said it was cute. What is he talking about? When I looked at my face on the picture I looks gross. My hair are all messed up and my face is almost cover with the two pillows I hug. Well, I felt good after I sleep for almost 3 hours even though I'm bored a little bit. And that's it about today.

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