Almost 3 weeks now, I'm having hard time breathing from my allergy. I never felt like this before or even last year. I just got here in the US over a year and half and so far I haven't get any allergies until now. I have this for the first time, sneezing like crazy, headache, my nose itch really bad and bleeds. Sometimes at night when I'm sleeping I can't breathe or else I felt something runny and it was my nose bleeds so bad. I'm scared and worried about myself but I kind of ignored it because I thought I will be fine. I even went to my friend's place which is in Oregon even I don't feel good.
It got worst and worst and my husband decided and called the doctor to set for an appointment. I finally went there and had check up for me. Good thing it was not that bad than I thought. She said it might from the climate change and because I've been walking with my friends to Lacamas Lake which has any kind of trees and that might be the reason I got allergies from.
The Doctor gave me a prescription. It's a Nasal Spray that contains fluticasone Furoate. It is pretty cool because instead of taking allergy pills(which I don't like taking pills) I can just spray this at least twice a day then once a day when I feel a little better. I will just go back or call the doctor after a month if I don't get better.

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