Its about Me and My Soul mate

I was a Computer Secretarial Student when I started surfing different stuff online. I actually can used computer just at the Internet cafe when we have project, because I don’t have computer at home. One time a friend of mine invited me to go to the Internet cafe, she said just for fun. I was kind of curious of what she’s talking about. She said that she found a new friend over the Internet. I was like how come? She convinced me to go to the Internet Cafe because of it. When we got there she showed me how. It’s pretty simple & I didn’t have any problem that much because it’s kind of basic for me, just does typing. But I was not that very good with English. That time I learned about chatting and I felt so addicted to it because it was fun and besides I got new friends online. Since then I’m online when I have a little bit of money to pay for my hours at the Internet cafe. I’m also online while I’m doing my projects. I talked to some people and became my friends over the Internet which was not really sure if they were sincere or not, but Internet cafe starts to be as one my favorite place. He he

When I graduated with my Associates Degree, I decided to apply for a job going to Kuwait. I tried to apply some local job but I was not lucky at all and the money I will earn is not really enough. While I’m doing some of my paperwork’s for my application to Kuwait, I try to open my account in a website which I have my profile with my picture in it and somebody start to talk to me. It was kind of weird because as soon as I open it, a guy talks to me right away. He introduces himself and I just tried to be nice and I introduce myself as well. We started talking about different things like his life and he asked about me too. I was trying to be silly to him, being talkative and I asked a lot of questions. He had fun talking with me. He said I’m very funny and cute. Hm mm, how come I become cute suddenly? That time seems like was very fast we became friends; he called me at my cell phone right after we talked online. He asked me if I can be online the next day and I told him I will try because I am busy with my paperwork’s going to Kuwait.

Days, weeks, and months passed really quick and our friendship went very well and all those times I was still waiting for a call from the agency I was applying to go to Kuwait. After almost Five months we talked online, he told me to cancel my applications going to Kuwait which was that time I got call from the Agency to go to Manila and then everything will be ready for me. I had to think about it seriously because it was hard. It is about my opportunity to work to the other country or to meet somebody’s special for me? I have a very special feeling to him already so I told him before I will go to Kuwait, you can meet me. He bought a ticket right a way to come to the Philippines. He is going to visit for two weeks.

When we finally met in person, we tried to know each other more. After a week he was there, he talked to my parents and asks about me. He told them, he loves me and he wants to marry me before he comes back to the US. Whew! That was very fast. I was really scared when I was at my neighbor’s house then my dad called my name; he sounds and looks very serious. I don’t have any idea what’s going on? I thought I did something or was that because I left that guy in our house while I am at my neighbor’s house eating fruit (tambis). I went home and then my parents told me and asked me about it. I was shocked and nervous. They told me to decide because I will be the one to live with him forever and it’s not like a food that if I tasted it and if I felt like my tongue is burning, I can spit it very easy. So I told them the truth and said yes because I love him too. That time I don’t even know what to do in front of my parents. It was the first formal and serious talks in front of them and can’t explain what I feel. He he

He went back to the US and after 3 weeks he came back for our wedding. It was the happiest day of my life. I was not expecting I will be married in front of a lot of people. I thought I will just be an old maid (single forever) or get pregnant and won’t be married at all. I have that perfect wedding. It was perfect for me because I have my entire family, my mother & my father’s parent, other relatives and my friends.

After the obstacles we overcome we’re finally together. We had to wait for 13 months before we can be together. I can’t believe I am with him now. I love him so much even though a lot of people think we’re weird because I am too young for him but I don’t really care about them I care about my feelings and how we loved each other. It’s not about them; it is about me and him living together. I hope that God will bless us and guides our marriage at all time. I hope we will stay strong and will be together forever.

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