My Co-workers

I got a call few nights ago from my co-workers. They wanted me to come over and visit them for a little bit. They said they miss me a lot; they wanted me to go for a dinner with them. I told them I will drop by to say hello to them or talk for a little bit. They were upset and said that I don’t like them anymore thats why I don't want to see & hang out with them. Hmm, I said that's not true. I felt so bad because they were like my best friends & my sisters. When I was working there, we're very close and we worked as a team.

They text and called me again, they really wanted me to come. I told them I had an appointment already with my friends, we're going for a walk. But I felt bad so I decided to come. I called and told them I will come at 6 PM before closing. They said they're excited to see and hang out with me.

I drove and when I got there they were so happy and I was too. I missed them a lot and it was nice to see them again. It's been a month I haven't seen them. They offered me some ice cream and chips but I didn’t eat. I’m on a diet (hehe, not really). I just want to wait for that big dinner. We went out to shop a little bit after the dinner. We had so much fun and I miss hanging out with them.

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