Thai Food

I was born and raised in the Philippines that's why I love Filipino dish. Those are my favorites and I miss a lot of them especially fresh fish, vegetables & the barbeque. I’ve ate different kinds of food aside from what I used to ate in the Philippines. I cooked filipino foods when we have gathering at our house. We love to eat a lot so usually we cooked filipino food, japenese or american but only the food that are easy and quick to do.

Aside from Filipino dish, I’ve ate Japanese, American, Chinese, Korean and Thai Food. I loved their dish especially if it's spicy. I’ve been craving Thai food lately. My husband wanted to do something for the weekend like having dinner (simple date) together. He asked me where I wanted to go. I told him I want Thai food but he’s not that crazy with Thai food. Since I’m craving of Thai food so he decided to take me over at Thai Restaurant.

We ordered a Pad Thai and Khao Pha Ram.
Pad Thai is rice noodles stir-fried with shrimp, chicken (beef), tofu, bean sprouts, eggs & ground peanuts. I loved this food.
Khao Pha Ram is a grilled chicken breast, steamed mixed vegetables with Peanut Sauce served over steamed rice. My husband loved it. He said he doesn’t like that much of the Thai food but this time he said he loves it.

I love the Thai Ice Tea also. Their ice tea has milk in it. It taste so good and I don’t know what else with it, it is yummy.

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