Good Morning Everyone!

I woke up 5 oclock this morning, very early isn't it? My husband is going to work by 6 o'clock so I woke up this early. Well, its been a long time since I cook for him for breakfast so I decided to get up and cook while he's on shower. He always told me not or I don't have to get up to make breakfast for him. But I'm guilty so while he's on shower I made coffee and cook. I made scramble eggs with ham & cheese and I cooked Apple Chicken Sausage. While cooking I cut oranges and pour juice for his drinks. When he came down, he's surprise. He told me he was wondering where I went because I was not in our bed, he just thought I went to the other bathroom. I told him I'm a little guilty so I made breakfast. he-he
He thanks me for doing that and wanted me to go back to bed when he's gone and I told him I will but I'm already stuck here with my lappy. he-he-he! But I feel like I'm still sleepy so I think I should go back to sleep for a little bit.

Well, I wanted to great: GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!

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