Typhoon Frank (Fengshen) kills 155 in Philippines

I heard the news yesterday about the tragedy happened in the Philippines. I was panic because all of my families are in the Philippines. My brother is in Cavite and the other one is in Rizal. Until now, I haven’t heard from them. I called my sister yesterday to ask about my brother and to let them know also that I sent money for my mom’s birthday but she said she didn’t hear anything from them yet. They’re in Mindanao and sometimes the signal is bad. I just want to be sure if they’re fine. Today is my Mom’s birthday and suppose to have a little celebration. I’m happy for her but I’m sad also because I’m worried about my brothers. The place where they live is bad, it is flooding there. Hopefully they’re fine.

I’m sad also about the news about the typhoon in the Philippines.

Philippines were hit by typhoon named Frank or Fengshen (God of wind in Chinese) last Saturday. The typhoon made a direct hit in Manila after crossing the central & southern part of the Philippines. Wind gusting up to 150 miles per hour causing floods, landslides, blowing & ripping off roof from houses and knocking out powers. Fengshen is heading towards Taiwan and South of China but left a lot of destruction in the Philippines especially in Manila area, Iloilo Province, Maguindanao, Cotabato, Albay and Romblon.

Those are the places affected from the devastating storm Fengshen. Right now, 155 people has been reported dead and hundreds are still missing. In Maguindanao, atleast 14 people drowned from the flashed floods and 10 of them swept away and 5 people are still missing. Also in Iloilo, 10 fishermen are still missing.

MV Princess of the Stars capsized off Sibuyan Island in Romblon last Saturday at 6 P.M. It was reported that their engine is failed around that noon. The ferry has 626 passenger and 121 crew members.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council and the Coast Guard has dispatched two ships, BRP Pampanga and Davao del Norte, to rescue the rest of other passengers which are still in the ship. However, the families who are waiting are still hoping to see their love ones alive. The rescue operations are still going on hoping that they’re still a lot of survivors despite of the weather. So far, they have found survivor already but most of them are still missing. Some of the passengers are found dead also and right now still in Romblon.

“One of the survivors said that the time when the ferry is started sinking, they we’re ready to jump off the ocean with lifejacket’s on but other passenger we’re still in doubt to jump. He said that it is possible that other passengers are still inside the ferry but probably dead.”
Hopefully all of the rest that are still missing are still alive...

MV Princess of the Stars is owned by Sulpicio lines. They are now being blamed by the families of the victims. And the schedule of their other ferries is being suspended. They have to undergo an inspection and investigation because of what happen.

Let Us Pray For The Survivors & all Rescuers!!!

Please, leave your comments & prayers for our kababayan....


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