FS Bulletins Issue

Here I am again, for some reason I'm pissed again tonight. x-( I don't mean to be like this and I hate having bad time everyday especially if it's non-sense but I would like to share this to you guys of what you think. I am sorry about these stupid issue. Some of my friends in friendster post in the Bulletin but I never did. Just few days ago I read this bulletin posted by my friend from California:

No offense but... people are getting too fake in here. They only want pics,comments, testimonials or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who would actually repost this. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list are paying attention to me or knowing the REAL VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP. If you do, Copy and repost this in your own bulletin if you are a real friend. No need to reply. Just copy and paste this in a new bulletin with the same subject : Fake Friends

Well a girl on my friendlist sent me a message after I copy pasted this and posted it to the bulletin. The reason why I copy pasted this even though this message is kinda non-sense but I still want to tell my friend that I care for her and I am a truly friend of her. She sent this kind of message for me.

Good day there. Hope you're doing good always. Anyway, just want to send you message here coz I always do private things like this. About your Post, I think you don't know what you're talking about. Friends are friends. Friendster is for all who wants to have friends and share pictures, comments etc. It's normal that anyone like to see pictures and comments of others so don't say it as a fake. So if you're saying that then you're also a fake one. It's not me that you're talking about but I just don't like the way friends mean to you. Either that's you're friend or no as long as he/she treated you good then she/he is your friend. If she/he is looking at your photos and having comments, it doesn't mean it's a fake friends coz if you do say that, as a said, you're also a fake one. So, your friends who are posting comments to you.., are they fake? Friendly people like to share their stories, photos and to give or to hear comments from others..,without sharing, we can't call it as a friend and that's the example of the fake one you said. Please value the things that people showed to you. Friends is not based on how many years you've met and knew him/her, it's how you treated them good. SO don't call fake to the people who are using friendster and sharing photos and pictures. I don't like the way you say it coz for me, everyone are friends. I value and treasure all the friends I have and never talk bad to them---the way you post your bulletin.

Hope you don't get hurt.


What is she talking about? She hope I don't get hurt? Well, she thought I won't but she made me mad, really mad. So, I made this message for her and when I told my husband he was mad at me because even if I got this kind of message he doesn't want me to send her a message like what she did. He wants me to be nice after what I got? She was not my friend. I added her on my friendster because she requested me and where from the same city in the Philippines. It would be nice if she didn't jump into conclusion like that. Anyway, here is my message:

Hey you! Don't jump into conclusion. If you don't like what I posted on my bulletin then you sh*t up, ok? FYI, I sent or posted it back on bulletin because one of my friend from California posted it and I just want her to know that I care for her and I'm a truely friend to her. I was not posting it to tell you personally that you're a fake friend. Ohh, you're not my friend anyway. I added you to my list because you requested me a while back. So now, what can you say about it??? You take it personally lady, I'm not fake to everybody and I am being a good friend to my friends. I care for my friends and if you take this too personal, that's your choice not mine, ok??? Thanks for your wonderful message... ha ha!!!

Anyway, if you don't like what I posted, I don't like the message you sent me either. I don't care if you're a good person or not. I care for myself and those who are true to me. That's all. Thanks!!!

Guys, feel free to leave me a comments of what you think. I know I sounded so mean but I promise I don't mean to do that to her. I just don't like somebody step on my feet because it hurts. lol... I didn't even know her and I just want her to realize of what she did to me. I want her to know that I was hurt.

Forgive me If I did wrong guys, pls!!!


armywife24 said...

she is overreacting!! ive read this bulletin like a million times, but i just ignore it...
why is she making a big deal out of that.. hmm maybe shes fake ;;LOL..
she sounds defensive and guilty .. :)

Enday said...

Ang taray..hehe
For my opinion, masyado sya kung magreact! kaloka yun ah? to give a comment that long.. dahil lang sa pinost mo sa bulletin, that eventually eh hindi naman ikaw ang gumawa. I've read that post in my bulletin, and for me.. wala lang naman yun. Saka natural na yung mga ganung posts sa bulletin. Tsk tsk just like armywife said.. She sounds defensive and guilty..

JAM said...

Korekong talaga mga sis... She's made me so mad. Ang sarap paluin sa ulo o kayay sa pwet nlang. Hehe!!! Thanks sa mga comments nyo. hay kaloka talaga!!! Mababaw ang pwet nya... LOL

americandream said...

halaka jam, kinsa diay ni sya...LOL! nalingaw ko sa imong entry...LOL!

retche said...

hoy kinsa man pud uroy ning nang react hehehhe...guilty goru siya hahha

JAM said...

Guilty mo lang? Mabaw jud og lubot hehehe!!! Agoy nagmessage pa sya nga sorry kono dli kono sya ang nagmessage sa aho ang iya daw pag umangkon? She's 18 tapos pag umangkon, unsa to ang angel nga may sungay? Mura raba og di halata ang iyang gesent sa aho og ang iyang sorry? Agoy giilad mn ko? Hehehe!!! Mean jud lage ko basta sabdon. Katilaw lage hinuan sya oi. Na sensya namo sa ako.

Thanks sa mga comments!!! Ingat mong tanan girls...