Choosing a Mate

I got this tag from Naomi and I thank her for being kind & so nice. Well, this tag is very interesting for me because I can speak who and what kind of person I wanted to be with and it also reflect of what kind of person I am. I’m not picky but I like to have someone who I can take forever. So the top criteria for choosing mate in order of priority or in other words my ideal partner will be:

1. He should be a God-fearing person

2. Doesn't smoke & doesn't drink except water & juice hehe

3. Loving & Responsible

4. Sweet & Understanding

5. Family Oriented & Traditional

6. Hardworking in short I hate someone who is lazy... hehe

I made it more than 5 because that's what I want in a guy and fortunately my husband is more than qualified. he he

And I would like to share this tag to WOF girls on my list and Retche.

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