Well! Well! Well! I’m going to share about what I did today. One of my friends is going home today. She was here for 2 days since we’re having get together at my house. She’s moving to East Coast so we won’t see her until two years from now. :-) Hopefully not that long, I already miss her so bad. We cooked and ate yesterday which is usual when we have party. After the stressed I got yesterday, almost wreck my car fortunately the eating party went well. Thanks God!

But anyway I woke up around 10 o’clock in the morning. One of my friends called me and she’s wondering if she could come over and visit before she’s going to work. I told her to come because we still have a lot left over food and so she can eat and take some then. When she left, Sheila and I had to get ready to go to the mall. She wanted to buy a new bag. When we got at Nordstrom, we saw a bunch of cute sandals. We tried almost everything we saw that are cute and fit on me & her, and of course we liked some of them.

Well, I think all of the girls like shopping especially when we saw cute and nice dresses, bags, shoes, and other accessories. I’m one of those shopaholic girls there but my problem is money. He he, that’s very natural. Girls love to shop. Anyway, I saw cute pair of sandals and it’s very comfy to wear. I loved it and so I bought them and my friend bought one for her and for her sister also.

We looked up with the bags and there was one again that I liked. It’s a Dunney & Burke purse. It’s simple but for me it’s nice. I already bought one but it’s a little smaller than the one I saw. The one I saw is more spacey. I finally decided to buy it. I am so happy I got new purse again. Ye hey!

Well, as what my friend’s expression: Get it you deserve it. Lol
I loved to have new stuff sometimes but lately after I have no job I shopped at least 5 days a week. Whew! Sometimes I got what I liked but sometimes I don’t, I always thought about the budget but today I think I did not. That’s why I got no money at all, I’m empty.:( Well, I got it because I think I deserved it. :-)

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