Ten Million Pesos Ransom for Drilon & 3 other Victims

The Abu Sayyaf who abducted Drilon and 3 other kidnap victims demanding P10 Million but the ABS-CBN Executive said they would not pay to the militants. They victims are still alive but Police don’t know where the Abu Sayyaf hides them. The Commander of Police in the Muslim Autonomous Region said that they were told by their sources that the hostages are still alive.

On top of that, the ABS-CBN News should abide by its policy by saying they are not going to pay the ransom, because it will put more lives at risk specially the victims. Right now they’re still negotiating for the release of Ces Drilon but they can’t give any exact date.

Police has release two suspects name, Albader Parad and Gafur Jumdail. Parad is one of the terrorist that is listed both in Washington and Manila. He is one of the Abu Sayyaf militants who have been kidnapped, raped and killed of their previous victims.

The United States offered 750 Thousand Dollars whoever will capture him and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) offered also to secure the release of Drilon and the 3 other kidnap victims.

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