Almost Wreck My Car

I’m so tired we don’t have enough sleep last night. My two friends came home yesterday and had to spend the night but we didn’t sleep until 5 in the morning. And we had to get up by eight thirty because we’re going to walk today; as usual we do this sometimes 3 times a week. We decided to just walk at the mall because it’s raining hard. We walked then we seat for a little bit at starbucks and had coffee.

After that I have to go to the Asian store to buy something for our fruit salad. But I almost had a wreck when I was on the way to the Asian Store. I was ready to take a left but it was red light so I had to stop. Turning left has two left lane, there was a lady driver on the car turning left beside me. As soon as the green light showed I took off. The lady on my left cut me off. When she turns from the left, she went to the right lane which should to be my lane. So what I did I have to swing my steering wheel to the right and her car is just 4 inches away from me. I kept swinging it slowly until my wheel scrape on the curved. She didn’t even bother to use her blinker when she cut me off and she illegally went to the very right lane when she was from the left, fortunately I was not scared and I hit the brake slowly while I tried to stay away from her I didn’t hit the gas if I did I’m sure it would cause a very bad wreck. I’m sure I will hit the trees by the curve. She don’t even look and she just took off fortunately the next light turned red so she stopped there and I was beside her again and I told her, Grrrr, What you did????? And she didn’t say anything she just looked at me & looks nervous. The light turned green and she took off again but I got her license number.

I had to go to the nearest parking lot to park my car and checked if any problem outside my car and I saw a little scrape on my right front wheel that was from hitting the curve and a little bit scratch on the front. Hopefully car will be fine despite of what happened. We called the Police and we have to have our car check and they have the record of the lady form the license plate number I got. But the Police told us that we can’t really file for hit and run because she didn’t really hit our car but it was illegal still. We still can do it in a small claim court if there is a problem of our car from what happened. I wonder if she have insurance because as what we heard that almost 30 % here doesnt have insurance. Hmmm, oh well I'm glad I am safe and my friend, and also my car doesn't look like having a big problem.

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