Skirt & Hot Spa Party

I went to my friend’s house 2 days ago. We had a skirt & hot spa party at there house. Me and my two other friends slept over there and that's the reason why I didn't get home until last night. We had so much fun. We ate and we played games and of course the hostess has prizes for those who will win the games. We had a game that we’re going to show to the hostess the things she’s asking, things that we have it in our purse, we had a game which we divided into to two groups and the game is we will move the ice cubes from the bowl to the other bowl using toothpicks and of course because it’s a skirt party & hot spa party, we had a contest of who among us has the most cute skirt, everybody votes for who but you can’t vote for yourself and I won it…yehey! That was a lot of fun. I pick my own prize and I got a nice one.

After playing, we drink a little and start the hot spa. Their Jacuzzi is pretty good size which ten of us could fit in it and we spent two and half hours in the hot spa.. I’m sharing some pictures from that party.

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Anonymous said...

wow pretty girls in the pic! lukd like u had a blast!happy friday!enjoy ur weekend!