Midwest Floods

I watched the news early this morning and saw the storm & flooding videos in the Midwest States. It is very sad to see about these situations especially for those who are affected especially in the areas of Wisconsin. Just last August, Western Wisconsin was hit by a storm and flash floods and still struggling to recover but unfortunately they are now affected again on these horrible storms. Up to 10 inches rain and there were 10 people died.

Of what I saw, I can’t imagine how bad & horrible the flood was, in the videos the house by the river was ripped off and sweep away by a powerful current. The water from the man made Delton Lake poured out into Wisconsin River the reason why it causes with very powerful floods.

It was really devastating for everybody who is suffering & affected with those storms. There were six people died in Michigan, two in Indiana, one in Iowa and in Connecticut.

Let’s pray for those people and for their family to recover and the rest of the people who are affected.

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