Father's Day!!!

It's 3 o'clock in the morning but my eyes and my mind still awake. I called my family back in the Philippines; I just got off the phone. I miss them so bad. I talked to my mom, sister, brother, nephews, grandpa and grandma. All of them said they miss me a lot and they keep asking me when I'm coming home to visit them. I told them I can't because I don't have enough money to fly and if I will come to visit I want my husband to go with me. When I talked to my grandma and my grandpa, they were crying on the phone, they miss me a lot same thing of what I felt right now, it makes me cry. I wish I live very close to them. I greeted my grandpa even if it's kinda late, I told him Happy Father’s Day! He was happy but he's crying while talking to me so I tease him to send me some oil or sweeper that way I can just use it to fly. He he he!!!

After I talked to them, I finally talk to my beloved father. I greeted him Happy Father’s day! And he goes, is it father’s day today? Ha-ha, he didn’t even know about it. He said thank you & asked how I am? It’s been awhile I didn’t talk you on the phone, I miss you a lot and when you’re coming home? Ha-ha, the same questions but it was sweet to hear from them. I told him I’m going to send them some stuff then he cracked me up because he complained me about the pants I sent to him. He said if I will send him pants again he doesn’t want me to send the button kind pants because he almost pee his pants every time he wear them. He said it’s a pain, hard for him to open it quick. Ha-ha-ha

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