Condolence to My Friend & Their Family

I’ve been very busy yesterday and today. Yesterday after going to my friend’s house, I went to church with my friend Alice. We’re going to attend a rosary and last viewing of our friend’s mother in law. Her mother in law passed away a week ago and her funeral was earlier today. Her mother in law died at the age of 85. She is a very nice person, has 13 kids, 30 grand children and 49 great-grandchildren. It was a very nice big family. We were there yesterday and also today. We’re amazed because of the people that were there at the church for the rosary and for the funeral earlier, a lot of people were there.

It was nice to sympathize or show our kind feelings to the family who are left behind even they’re not our relatives. I always felt bad when somebody died and it also reminds me when my grandpa died and my nephew. It was sad for me and missed them a lot. I don’t even know when I’m going to see them again. I just love the sweet moments I shared with them.
But anyway, today we attended the mass and after that we went to the cemetery. It was nice because we all have the balloons and after that everybody let them go at the same time, the balloons was so pretty flying out high with the beautiful blue skies & trees.

We went to a reception afterwards and they had program. At that room, they have a big board with full of her pictures with her family & relatives. Some of them spoke and talk about her when she was still alive and they have their messages for their mom, grandma, sister or their great grandma. It was sad but was nice to hear also about the memories she left to her family when she was still alive. It was very nice to hear good stories about somebody.

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