Graduation Party

It’s 10 minutes before 11 in the evening; I just got home from our friend son’s graduation party. Didn’t realize how late it was when I checked my cell phone wondering if my
husband called me yet or what. We’
ve been chatting, chatting like forever & then singing with the karaoke. That’s one of the most fun parts in the party. After eating, we talked about some funny stories and anything that make us laugh until we ended up talking about nasty stuff. He-he!

They have a lot of Filipino and American food and most of all a lot of wines and beers to drink. But I didn’t drink anything aside from water because I still have my allergies and I still don’t feel good because of it. Well anyway, we got there like 5 P.M. then left like past 10 in the evening, it was fun and I’m enjoying in the party despite of the fact that I don't feel very good.
We haven’t had that much time for pictures because everybody’s busy eating and talked. But I have some to share with but just a picture of our group where we seat. We were at their patio and some of their visitors are on the other tables outside and others are inside.

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