I loved flowers since I was young. My grandma loves flowers and used to have her own flower garden in front of our old house. She had Roses, Orchids, Sampaguita etc. She always taught me how to plant, to water and pick the best one to put in our vase. I loved it and I missed it a lot. I was planning to have a flower garden in our backyard where we used to live but my husband told me that they won't grow year around like in the Philippines because the weather here is different. I was upset that I can’t do it here except having a little pot inside the house.

We went to my sister in law’s place a year ago and they have green houses. Those green houses are full of different kinds of orchids. That's their business for a long time. They owned and operated orchid farms for 35 years. Their orchids are so amazing and look beautiful. I was very happy when I saw them and I took a lot of pictures. I had fun watching the different kinds of orchids and different colors. They smell good and fresh. It reminds me of my grandma’s flower garden even though my grandma’s garden was not that huge. They do accept
orders for special occasions anywhere in the country.

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