Going back to School

Right now, I’m jobless. It’s been a month that I have nothing to do but hanging out, exercise and shop a little bit with my friends. Grrrr I’m very empty right now I got no money at all. I’m being a pain of my honeybunch lately but I am trying to minimize it. A lot of bills left and right and we’re obligated for all of them. Hmmm, well no choice but need to find a new job and help my husband. I hate to just seat around anyway too boring and makes me lazy. I gained a little bit of weighs lately even though I’ve been exercising lately but I ate a lot. He he Right now, I'm applying some part time jobs, waiting for interview and excited to go back to school.

Today, we went to Clark College for my admission. I’m going back to school this fall. I decided to go back to school and get 2 years degree in Medical Field. Earlier when I was there they just asked some question about my associate’s degree which I graduated back in the Philippines 3 years ago. I got my Transcript of Records showed and they have a copy of my Residence Card. Hopefully that’s all they needed because Philippines is very far and it’s not that easy to get that kind of documents over there. It went very fast for my admission but I still have to go back to take a placement test. It is required of all the students who are going to enroll for English and Math Courses or a course with a placement prerequisite.

Clark College has what they called COMPASS placement test at no cost. It is a placement test in writing, reading and Mathematics. I am excited but nervous for that test even though they said that that will be a test for which they are going to measure, of where I got higher score or low, that way they can choose which English or Math I could get to start.
Hopefully it will be fine. I am excited to go back to school and learn new things.

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