Jackfruit from Thailand

When I was a kid, we used to have a fruit tree beside our house. And even now, our lot in the mountain back in the Philippines still have some. My family’s lot in the mountain and even in the barangay are surrounded by the coconut tree. Aside from coconut, we have guava, atis, banana, avocado, mango, lemon ( lemonsito) and of course jackfruit.

Jackfruit has a lot of uses; you can cook it as vegetables or viand when it is not ripe yet. Cook it with coconut milk, salad or stir fry not just that the seed itself can be cook and it taste like a nut but it more firm than other nuts. My dad used to cook the jackfruit as our viand and I miss it a lot and most of all I miss the ripe jackfruit. When my dad or my grandpa's going to the mountain to check our coconut and some of the plants like the purple yam, cassava, and sweet potato, they always brings jackfruit on the way back home. Sometimes they brought ripe or not quiet yet. The ripe jackfruit always made me happy specially when I saw my dad or grandpa coming home with it and I can smell it already 20 ft away from home. he he! My brothers and I fight sometimes because we both want more but I usually get more because I am the baby in the family and in terms of food my grand parents and my parents always favor me. Lol!!!

Anyway, a few days ago I went to the Asian Store and I saw a sliced ripe jackfruit, it smelled so good. Hmmm, I was amazed because my husband doesn’t know what jackfruit is until he went to the Philippines, he said they don’t have jackfruit here. The guy in the store told me that the jackfruit is from Thailand. The sliced I got is about 5 by 6 inches, it was not that big and cost $3.99.

I waited 2 days before I ate; I was trying to save the smell to our refrigerator, hehe. I can’t believe the taste, it was sweet and so yummy. It was worth buying it.


americandream said...

hi jam, finally maka comment na jud ko sa imong blog...pirmi man ko diri jam pero di ko ka comment kay wala man comment icon, or even shout box...anyway, aha man tawon ka kapalit anang jackfruit oyy...naglaway baya ko diri jam...wala man diri sa amo dapit oyyy...hey, i like your music background...maka muni muni man sad ta diri...LOL!

Inday said...

mmm looks yummy :)

u may add my 3 blogs ;)