Our trip to the Beach

Just some updates for today. We just got back from the beach and again I’m so tired. Driving for 6 hours altogether back and forth is a pained. We had to stop a lot of times, use the bathrooms, buy some food to munch on, stopped to get a frappuccino to drinks because it was a roasting day, 90º today. We went to Oregon Cape Lookout State Park, stopped at Rockaway Beach for a little bit then drove to Canon Beach.
When we got to Canon Beach, we walked quiet a bit at the beach and did sunbathing for a while. I just loved the sunshine, the heat and the wind hits on my skin while lying down, it felt so good. It was so relaxing and did put me to sleep. I didn’t realize how warm the sunshine was because of the wind and the temperature felt so good for me compared to where I was from but my hubby said it feels very warm for him already. In the Philippines, when you sunbathing it actually burnt your skin really bad except if you’re on the shade, it helps a little bit but still warm.
But anyway, after that we walked again for a little by the water then we decided to drive to Seaside Beach but when we got to their town we figured that we didn’t have enough time to spent in there, we still have to drive 2 hours from there so we passed it and just drive towards Astoria then took Longview Washington to go back home. We left at home around 11 or 12 noon and got here passed 9 o’clock in the evening. Pretty long day but we enjoyed it. At least my husband and I had time together, it’s been a while we didn’t do driving and have fun.

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