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I went to the mall with my friends shopping for a little bit at VS. I love VS products, especially their underwear & beauty products. I bought underwear’s and bras when I went there. My friends bought new bras and underwear as well. I like the comfy thin panties for summer time, the extra low rise bikini, thongs and the push up bras. I love their sexy little things products also.

My husband and I went there he bought me the underwear and the set I like, it smells so good. I just love Victoria Secret so much. When I was still in the Philippines I had Victoria secret products, my Aunt gave me underwear, perfume & lotion when she get back from abroad and my husband brought also when he went there visiting, him & his daughter bought it for me. The bras and underwear I had when I was still in the PI are So-en, Avon, Triumph, Wonder bra, & Playtex. Now, I'm here I got what I want, everything is here in the US.

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lira said...

Parehas ta ani Jam. Lami kaau mamalit inig sale ba. Barato kaau ilang panty og bra pati mga pahumot. Buslot akong bulsa oi.

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