Adobo la JAM

Today, I thought me and my friends are going for a walk unfortunately we didn't. I got nothing to do so I decided to cook my favorite Filipino food. I made Sinigang and Adobo with my own version or let say Adobo la JAM. LoL… Well, I would love to share my adobo first, like how I made my own version. When I make my own adobo, I choose pork riblets and sirloin instead of meat with fats.

Few days after I got here in the US, I missed the Filipino food already. I was craving so bad so I made an adobo like what I used to eat in the Philippines but my husband doesn’t like with the fat in it, he hates it a lot. But I love the adobo when it has a little fat in the meat like in the Philippines but since he doesn’t like fat or whatever gristles he tasted he will stop eating right away so I thought of making my own version with no fats in it.

I tried different ways, and didn't quiet get how to make it yummy. I almost did giving up cooking it because everytime I made adobo he doesn't like it because of those reason but this is my favorite so I decided to buy just all meat and some riblets in it. I like the meat in a bone and for me it taste better. And again he doesn't like a meat in a bone. whew!!! So I told him I'll eat the meat in a bone (riblets) (oops not the bone though just the meat, lol) and he will eat the meat (boneless). He loves this version, finally. :-)

Here is the procedure of how I made my own version of Adobo.

My Ingredients:

½ lb. riblet

1 lb pork (boneless)



Bell pepper (yellow or red)

Vegetable Oil

Bay leaves

¾ cup soy sauce

½ cup vinegar

2 to 3 T white sugar

1/2 cup water

My Procedure:

At first, chop the riblets and meat and then boil it together until it gets a little bit tender. Make it in a medium heat at least 20 to 30 minutes or so, depends on your meat or riblets. While waiting, chop onion, garlic and red or yellow bell pepper. I used bell pepper with my adobo (hay kakaloka anoh???). Then throw the water away from the boiled meat.

Heat oil on the other pan then put the chopped onion and garlic and when it turns slightly brown, put the meat and riblet. Then put the soy sauce, vinegar and water and mix them well. Let it seat for 15 to 20 minutes in a medium heat but don’t cover your pan. Then, put the bay leaves and sugar and mix it again. Add a little bit of water when you need or if it gets a little bit dry. Depends if you want a little bit of sauce.

Let it seat again for another 10 minutes with a low heat then put the red and yellow pepper and mix it. Your Adobo is done.

But one more thing, sometimes right after my adobo is done, I put broccoli on the top of it then cover it for few minutes but don’t mix it with the adobo. The steam of the adobo will cook the broccoli and taste really good.
And also if it is too salty for you you can add more sugar, depends on your own taste. My husband likes when it is a little salty and I like when I can taste the sugar a little bit.

This is my own version of Adobo. Not to be conceited, my husband, his family and my friends loved it.

I got done cooking today at 12:30 noon time and made it at the right time. My husband got home at the time I was done. It was ready for lunch. Having a steam rice with the adobo is really good. I hope you guys will try this and hopefully you will love it too. I'll share my sinigang recipe later but I have my picture of adobo and sinigang here.