I missed the Opps

Whew!!! Triple P was giving opps earlier today but I missed it(grrr :D). I took shower and was folding our clothes upstairs when there was opps, then when I checked on it, was already gone. I was hoping they will give again some opps, but then that was it I think for today.
My friends called me and wanted to hang out for a little bit so I decided to go meet them. We talked & shopped for few things then one of them wants to have salad so we went to Olive Garden. We took so long because we we're talking forever. he-he
When I got here I tried to check if triple P has opps but none, got nothing obviously. That's fine though I just hope tomorrow if I open triple P, they're going to give opps at the same time.

Time to go to bed now so Good Night Guys!!!

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