New blogger

My co-worker and I talked about blogging. She mentioned that her mom's blogged on her spare time, I told her that I'm a blogger too but I'm not as active anymore since I work full time and go to school full time. I told her I made money on blogging and she couldn't believe I did. She asked me how? I told her a little bit of details and she seems interested. Tonight, in FB she posted that she's now a new blogger. She's excited and happy about it. She want to do blogging for fun not just to make money. Now, I get to visit her blog. I'm excited... ;)

Opportunity Charter is mobile Father's Day

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

felt bad of my husband. Last father's day I didn't give him anything, even a simple card. I greet him Happy Father's Day though. Since we got married that was the only time I didn't give him card for father's day. I'm not a mom yet but he gave me mother's day card for mother's day. He said you're a mom of my kids too. Until now, I'm still thinking of giving or doing something for him. Since, he loves buying a lot of tools and he works in Home Depot Corporate I thought of buying him a gift card. This would be late for father's day but I'm pretty sure he would love it. I thought about giving it to him really soon because I want to take the opportunity of the charter contest, we will have a chance to win an Ipod touch. This is what I found out about it.
  • Get a gift card worth up to $300 when you bring home one of Charter's best bundles.
  • Plus, 100 winners get an 8GB iPod Touch
  • no purchase is necessary for entry into the contest
  • Charter is giving away iPod Touches to show off it's new mobile app for iPod, iPhone and Blackberry
  • with the new mobile app, the world of Charter is literally at your finger tips
  • discover charter services
  • check TV and On Demand listings
  • view on demand trailers
  • access news, sports and weather
  • get charter support and bill pay info
Check this out and Enter now to win an iPod Touch. I'm a facebook addict this would be good, I can check charter and get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page

a video of the charter app is here:

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My Day

Last night, I was up too late talking to my friends online & downloading pictures on fb. I had so much fun talking to my best-friend as well. She's still in the Philippines, and hopefully early next year she will be here. I slept around 1 a.m. and woke up around 8 in the morning. I'm not sure why but when I woke up I felt so tired still so I decided to go back to bed and fall sleep. I finally woke up around 2 pm. Gosh, I can't believe I did that, I guess I was that tired. I didn't even eat since last night. First time in my life didn't eat for 18 hrs. I came down to our kitchen decided to cook for our dinner.

America's Favorite Gift Card

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.

My friends birthday is coming up next month and I have been looking for gifts to give to them. I'm thinking of buying them some summer clothes or else those beautiful flip-flops but then I don't like to pick it for them, it maybe great to have them pick those stuff they want and just give them gift card. I honestly don't know if they need those, it is just my idea since it's summer. Well, the good news is I found this very interesting website that I'm sure will get your attention. I can buy a gift cards for my friends birthday from FriendGiftr with no hassle. I can select any merchant I want that I thought my friend could use it into and you can customize your gift card. One another thing that makes me excited is that they can swap the card anytime & anywhere. They can use it to any other places, it doesn't have to be in that certain stores. If for example, a friend of mine likes books, she can use it to Barnes & Nobles and she still have money left on her card and decided to give it to her friend or one of her family, they can use it in any different store like in Macys or even in restaurant like Red lobsters. Why don't you check it out now? I'm sure your family or friends will love their gift card from you.

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I'm back

It's been a while since I was able to work on my blog. A lot of things came up that made myself so busy. I started working full time almost a year ago & was enrolled to come back in college before that, so indeed it came at the same time. I'm in school 4 days a week then work Friday to Sunday. It was a bummer to me because I haven't done that before and doing such things is never easy. Well, I'm so happy I was able to do that from Fall to Spring. This summer, hubby decided for me not to take any classes so we can have time together at least. We both miss each other especially driving to our favorite places (the beach). So now, I'm just working on the weekend, but then I'm trying to find a part time job. I realized that it's not easy to be at home too. Good thing, I have my blogs to work on. Thanks God!!!