Happy Day!!!

I can't explain how happy I am today. I passed my driving test and I have a driver's license now so I can drive legally. It seems like I've been struggling just to pass these test and I can finally breath easy now, he he. For nine months I've waited for it and drove just my permit which is not very easy for me because even if I can drive, my husband still need to be beside me or at least my passenger has 5 years experience of driving with license. I was very nervous & I thought I can't make it because the parallel park is kinda hard to do but I did it very well. The instructor from the licensing department asked me to drive to the road until we went to the neighborhood and then she asked some things she want me to do like backing around the curve, park on hill or downhill as if you're going to leave your vehicle overnight that kind of thing and she checked me if I look very well with all I do and lasting I did was the parallel. It was not very easy for me and I'm very nervous but it was pretty well done. Now I can drive alone whenever or where ever I wanted to go. Thanks God!

I called my friend and told her surprisingly that I passed my test. She didn't even know that I am going to have my test today and she was very happy about it. After an hour she called me and she told me, she wanted to treat me to Spa and Saloon. We went there and I had my manicure's done and wax on my eyebrow. he he! I had fun. That was nice of her and very sweet. She's like a family to me, made me feel comfortable and happy. She's the one that always encouraged and gave me good advices specially if I have problems. I always thank her for everything.

We went shopping and I ended up buying things that I was not expected to. That's one thing I tried to get away for now because I have no money and everytime I went to the Mall or Store, I always like to buy stuff and I can't help it sometimes. Well, at least I enjoyed my day with my friend after I passed my test. Yeheyyy!!! I'm so much happy...

Its About House & What I Like To Do

I like designing or putting some beauty staff on our house. I like to hang nice picture frame that has cute and unique styles and has flowers or some nice views in it. I don't like to over do it like putting a lot of stuff around the house. For me it looks like so tight or no space. I wanted to be just simple, clean and spacey. I like to re-arrange sometimes to have a different looks.

I'm proud that I designed our house back in the Philippines. Before it was build, I design it myself because I did not like the design of what my husband likes so I did everything for the outside and inside design. I didn't like the one he liked because it looks like need more money, so I did myself which I thought is affordable for our budget and he doesn't know about our money over there either. He can't believe how it turns out and for that not much money we put on it. The house is built with bar and we called hollow blocks. It just needs some painting and floors need to be done too like tile or wood floor which I prefer to have.

I believe everyone of us has a favorite place in the house. For me, the kitchen is one of my favorite place. It always made me feel excited & happy when I get home and go straight to see our kitchen. I don't like to leave our home if our kitchen is not clean except if I'm almost late with my work or if my husband call me and we need to get going. I always want to clean everything first so that I won't be irritated when I get home later. This is the place where I love to hang out and spend with almost the whole time if I'm home. For me, it is the asset of our house. I love kitchen because I love to eat. And I like to cook some of the Filipino dish. I cooked some of the basic American food, not much but I would like to learn more.

Second place I like inside the house is the living room. Living room is one of the nice place where you can seat and talk with your family or if you have company coming. We can watch TV shows, movie, sing and dance. If my friends is here we usually sing and dance. he he. In my case, our kitchen has pretty good size so, me and friends stay there most of the time because it has living room space, kind of but we have a separate living room too. We have Media room that is bigger than our living room but we likes in the living room space with our kitchen because we eat a lot. he he

Another place I love to spend my time is our bedroom. I like to lay down while watching my favorite shows or listening music. It feels so relaxing and it always put me to sleep. I like to spent my time in the bedroom specially when I'm tired. If I like to be more relax, I showered or soak in the bath tub specially if I have sore muscles or if I want to have a very good sleep so I took warm shower at first.

Things I did Recently

Since I was not posting here lately, I will tell you what I did the few days ago. Except working, I had some fun hanging out with my friends here at our house. A friend of mine and her husband visited us and they brought some nice food. She brought some BIKO, which is the sticky & sweet rice made with coconut milk. She also brought some mango float, fish and some prawns to cook. We also cooked Pancit Bihon (noodles with vegetables and meat) and we had chicken and pork barbecue.

Some of my other friends came over too. We had a little karaoke party in the house which is the usual thing we do when we have gathering. Sing and Dance. lol... A lot of fun!

Aside from that, we're taking pictures and pose as much as we want which is most fun in the party. But on top of those fun moments, we had these pretty good idea putting the camera in the top of the chair and have it set on timer and then we pose. Well, I did that to my camera and before it clicks, it did fall. Hmm, very nice job. He he! Too bad, I was not able to catch it. I'm in trouble with my husband. I told him about what happen he said it was fine because I didn't mean it anyway. My camera is broken now & I felt like I wasted it. :-(
Well, it was part of the party though and I had too much fun despite of the disaster. He he...

It is nice to think that even though I am away from my family and relatives I have a bunch of friends that seem like my family. I'm very happy and feel like I'm so blessed having a friends like them. They're like my sisters.

Last Thursday, one of my friends came over to our house. She asked me if she could leave her car while she is out of town. She is going to visit her husband who is in North Carolina. Her husband is in training for Special Air force. We went to have dinner and we shopped before she flew out. We took her to the airport and we will pick her up tomorrow night.

Other than these things, my husband and I were kind of busy lately doing some stuff for my driving test. I drove for nine months now with just my permit. So we decided to have my driving test soon since I've been driving for quiet awhile. We called the licensing department to have an appointment for my test. I got my schedule and that will be this Tuesday. I am so excited and very nervous as well. I hope and pray that I will pass my test. Wish me luck guys. Thanks!!!

My Day

Today I woke up late. I had very bad headache. I don't have any idea what was wrong with me. I don't feel like waking up but I had to. I need to work and I hate to call my boss and tell him that I can't come because I am sick. I don't like them calling my co-worker to fill in for me except if I'm very sick. I knew I should of but I don't want to. I felt like I can deal with it for a little bit. I need money and I want to have my own money. I feel like my day is wasted if I don't work. I wish I can have my own money while not working. he he!

Anyway, I woke up and took shower really quick. I had to cook for my brunch and so my husband has something to eat before he go back to work. I took medicine after I eat and then went to work. When I got to my work I felt better except that I have to work hard for the day. lol. At first, I felt a little bored because I caught up so fast and I don't have something to do while waiting for customer or a call from customer. After an hour or so we got busy and it was not stopping at all. We almost didn't finish the things we needed to do.

But anyway, I was glad I did able to work despite of what I felt earlier today. My work went well so far and I feel better when I got home specially my husband made a dinner and I got to watch my favorite show on TV. And then check my email, my blog and thought of doing this as part of my day.

My First Post

Hi Everyone! This is my very first post in blogger. I was surfing online & I thought of doing a blog. I've heard about these before but I did not feel like doing it because I'm working. And now I wanted to try doing this for fun or earn from it. :-)
Even though I can't do these full time since I'm working but at least I have something to do when I'm off from work. Sounds fun huh! I'll have to think what to do next for an update too. A little bit hard for me because I haven't had a column like this before and does take a lot of time for me to start this.
Hmm, I don't even know that to say now. hehe! It's hard to start but I hope I'll get use to it.
One more thing, I'm not very good in English but I'll try my very best to share about myself, my dreams and my inspirations. I hope everybody will have fun reading my journal in the next and future posts.


Life is the most precious gift from heaven. It is the gift that we can't get from somebody else like the gift we get from our friends, family or loved ones. We are very lucky that we're born to see how beautiful the world is. How pretty it is to live and see the beauty of it, the nature, the people, things we see and of course being with someone like our loved ones or our families.

They say "Live life to the Fullest" I like that saying, I would love to live to the fullest. Full of Love (Love that is unconditional), Peaceful, and Happy. But our life has ups and downs. Sometimes we have a lot of problems, but problems are meant to be challenges that you overcome. Those challenges will make us stronger and will make us better people too.

My life is very complicated. I've had a lot of challenges and feel like it never ends but I stayed very strong and overcome all those. Thank God for helping me to get through them.