My Day

Today I woke up late. I had very bad headache. I don't have any idea what was wrong with me. I don't feel like waking up but I had to. I need to work and I hate to call my boss and tell him that I can't come because I am sick. I don't like them calling my co-worker to fill in for me except if I'm very sick. I knew I should of but I don't want to. I felt like I can deal with it for a little bit. I need money and I want to have my own money. I feel like my day is wasted if I don't work. I wish I can have my own money while not working. he he!

Anyway, I woke up and took shower really quick. I had to cook for my brunch and so my husband has something to eat before he go back to work. I took medicine after I eat and then went to work. When I got to my work I felt better except that I have to work hard for the day. lol. At first, I felt a little bored because I caught up so fast and I don't have something to do while waiting for customer or a call from customer. After an hour or so we got busy and it was not stopping at all. We almost didn't finish the things we needed to do.

But anyway, I was glad I did able to work despite of what I felt earlier today. My work went well so far and I feel better when I got home specially my husband made a dinner and I got to watch my favorite show on TV. And then check my email, my blog and thought of doing this as part of my day.

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