Life is the most precious gift from heaven. It is the gift that we can't get from somebody else like the gift we get from our friends, family or loved ones. We are very lucky that we're born to see how beautiful the world is. How pretty it is to live and see the beauty of it, the nature, the people, things we see and of course being with someone like our loved ones or our families.

They say "Live life to the Fullest" I like that saying, I would love to live to the fullest. Full of Love (Love that is unconditional), Peaceful, and Happy. But our life has ups and downs. Sometimes we have a lot of problems, but problems are meant to be challenges that you overcome. Those challenges will make us stronger and will make us better people too.

My life is very complicated. I've had a lot of challenges and feel like it never ends but I stayed very strong and overcome all those. Thank God for helping me to get through them.

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