Happy Day!!!

I can't explain how happy I am today. I passed my driving test and I have a driver's license now so I can drive legally. It seems like I've been struggling just to pass these test and I can finally breath easy now, he he. For nine months I've waited for it and drove just my permit which is not very easy for me because even if I can drive, my husband still need to be beside me or at least my passenger has 5 years experience of driving with license. I was very nervous & I thought I can't make it because the parallel park is kinda hard to do but I did it very well. The instructor from the licensing department asked me to drive to the road until we went to the neighborhood and then she asked some things she want me to do like backing around the curve, park on hill or downhill as if you're going to leave your vehicle overnight that kind of thing and she checked me if I look very well with all I do and lasting I did was the parallel. It was not very easy for me and I'm very nervous but it was pretty well done. Now I can drive alone whenever or where ever I wanted to go. Thanks God!

I called my friend and told her surprisingly that I passed my test. She didn't even know that I am going to have my test today and she was very happy about it. After an hour she called me and she told me, she wanted to treat me to Spa and Saloon. We went there and I had my manicure's done and wax on my eyebrow. he he! I had fun. That was nice of her and very sweet. She's like a family to me, made me feel comfortable and happy. She's the one that always encouraged and gave me good advices specially if I have problems. I always thank her for everything.

We went shopping and I ended up buying things that I was not expected to. That's one thing I tried to get away for now because I have no money and everytime I went to the Mall or Store, I always like to buy stuff and I can't help it sometimes. Well, at least I enjoyed my day with my friend after I passed my test. Yeheyyy!!! I'm so much happy...

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