Things I did Recently

Since I was not posting here lately, I will tell you what I did the few days ago. Except working, I had some fun hanging out with my friends here at our house. A friend of mine and her husband visited us and they brought some nice food. She brought some BIKO, which is the sticky & sweet rice made with coconut milk. She also brought some mango float, fish and some prawns to cook. We also cooked Pancit Bihon (noodles with vegetables and meat) and we had chicken and pork barbecue.

Some of my other friends came over too. We had a little karaoke party in the house which is the usual thing we do when we have gathering. Sing and Dance. lol... A lot of fun!

Aside from that, we're taking pictures and pose as much as we want which is most fun in the party. But on top of those fun moments, we had these pretty good idea putting the camera in the top of the chair and have it set on timer and then we pose. Well, I did that to my camera and before it clicks, it did fall. Hmm, very nice job. He he! Too bad, I was not able to catch it. I'm in trouble with my husband. I told him about what happen he said it was fine because I didn't mean it anyway. My camera is broken now & I felt like I wasted it. :-(
Well, it was part of the party though and I had too much fun despite of the disaster. He he...

It is nice to think that even though I am away from my family and relatives I have a bunch of friends that seem like my family. I'm very happy and feel like I'm so blessed having a friends like them. They're like my sisters.

Last Thursday, one of my friends came over to our house. She asked me if she could leave her car while she is out of town. She is going to visit her husband who is in North Carolina. Her husband is in training for Special Air force. We went to have dinner and we shopped before she flew out. We took her to the airport and we will pick her up tomorrow night.

Other than these things, my husband and I were kind of busy lately doing some stuff for my driving test. I drove for nine months now with just my permit. So we decided to have my driving test soon since I've been driving for quiet awhile. We called the licensing department to have an appointment for my test. I got my schedule and that will be this Tuesday. I am so excited and very nervous as well. I hope and pray that I will pass my test. Wish me luck guys. Thanks!!!

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