Gathering with Friends

Here are some of the pictures of me and my friends when we have gathering in our house. As what I’ve said from my past posts, my friends and I has been able to hanging out all the time lately since I’m not working anymore. We liked to eat and like to cook also. Filipino’s are very friendly and like to be in any gatherings and that’s how we are. Every gathering we have we have a lot of food. My husband always amazed of how many kinds of food we cooked and how we eat. He he, obviously we ate a lot because we cook that much. We eat very slow but continuously. And he asked where we put all the food we ate.

Last Thursday, we gathered again here in our house. I cooked pork and chicken barbecue and grilled fish. I made Sinigang na Baboy (pork in sour broth), Bihon, Fried Shrimp and made fruit salad for our dessert. One of my friends made Biko(Sweet Sticky Rice), adobo, and tortang talong (Eggplant Omelet). My friend bought a Bopis in the Filipino Restaurant.

I just ate my dinner and I had to eat the left over food I have. Gosh, I’ve been eating them everyday since Friday because I don’t want it to be wasted. I was planning to get back to my diet, the reason is my clothes gets tighter and tighter from eating a lot and I can’t stop it. Grrr, I might just tight myself in our treadmill for the whole day and I’m sure it will work that way.

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