Missing Earring... Pls. return it :-)

I'm so sad and most of all, I'm pissed. I went to the mall alone yesterdey to do some shopping for my husband since the father's day coming up. I got a couple of shirts for him then I got pair of pants, blouse and a hoop earring for me. I bought earring because when I shopped with my friends last week I broke my hoop earring when I tried a blouse and suddenly caught in the blouse when I took it off. I loved it and I got it from the Philippines when I went back last year. I told my husband that I might go get new earring to replace it. So I got a new yesterday and I was happy because I got a discount, was part of their huge sale. It was originally $409 and since they're on sale and I have my extra discount they sent me so I got it for $92 and it is twice bigger than my old one, isn't a good deal?

Well, today I had to go to the dentist for my check up. I had an appointment for my dental which is in the mall but I don't know why I don't feel like going this morning but since it's on the mall I was planning to change the color of the pair of sandal I got so I said I will because my husband keep telling me and forcing me to go or else we will pay if I won't go for that schedule.

Then, I decided to wear my new earring, when I got to the dentist office, the lady there told me to take off my earring so I took it off and put it in my purse but I didn't zip my purse and she told me to hang it by the wall. Few minutes ago, she told me to go to the other room for some reason, and I totally forgot my purse that was open and my earring is on the top of my wallet which visible if you see my bag hanging. It took atleast an hour after the dentist was done with my x-ray and check up.

I got my purse and zipped it and went to the health coordinator for the check out and for my next schedule and what's need to be done for my teeth. After that I went ahead and go to the other store to change my sandal and open my purse to pay for extra then I felt my ear and I remember that I am not wearing my earring so I checked it on my purse and it was not there anymore.

I went back to that dental office and they had check my purse and everything and they didn't find it. I was pissed, the lady told me: I saw it in your bag and I said yes I put it in there but when I checked on it, its not there anymore. She then told me you dropped it maybe or something, I told her if I dropped I'm sure I'll see it because it's pretty big and I just bought yesterday, she goes yes it was big and new but maybe you dropped it somewhere. Grrrrr, it was very irritating and made me upset because it seems like it was my fault losing my new earring. I don't have idea how it disappear. Well, if I dropped it, how? And why both of them is gone? They we're not hook to each other. They said they're going to look for it, I don't think so? They lady told my husband if we're suggesting somebody stole it inside there office while it was hanging, she said nobody was there when I was on the other room, my husband told her how do you know then she goes are you suggesting we steal it? We didn't say that? Grrrr, b***h what I want is fair is to check everybody's purse which they we're not doing it. Their office has no camera on it and I think there were almost 20 people there. I was not trying to accuse somebody but I am 100% sure that I didn't dropped or anything. I was not very far and not very long since I left from that dental office not even 20 minutes and my earring disappear.

I got a lesson now and hopefully you guys will get an idea next time when you're going anywhere. It was not that very expensive but for me it worth so much. My husband told me it was fine and that was just a thing. Well, it really made me upset. I cried and want it back so badly, but I don't think I can get it anymore.
I learned from it, and I'm done with it even if I'm still upset. But posting this will help me because I can say how and what I feel.
I'm sorry, it took so long for you to read this post...:-)

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Robert said...

So sad... but like your idea of gifting shirts on father's day. Too have decided same from Bargain Catalog Outlet.