Food Trip!

Today my brother in law called us and invited us to have a brunch(breakfast & lunch). It's like a food trip in the middle of breakfast and lunch time. When he called us they were already on their way to the restaurant. My mother in law and my father in law are also coming. We went to Olive Garden. It's a famous Italian Restaurant. I've heard that they have a very good pasta meal. I haven't been there as every time my husband wanted to go that place I refused or don't want to go because I figured I won't like it in there so we end up going to different place. I'm not really fun of pasta food except lasagna & spaghetti which I can make it on my own so I rather go to other restaurant that has grilling or barbecue, that's sounds good for me. So earlier I was curious & excited to try their food and of course somebody will pay for our food so it sounds fun & very nice. lol Well, it was very nice of my brother in law for inviting us to have brunch.

For the appetizer, I tried the potato soup mixed with ground sausage in it to start with and it was yummy. My husband and I shared his salad too, it was good as well.
I ordered Grilled Shrimp Caprese. My husband and my mother in law got the Apricot Chicken with Asparagus and Broccoli. Dad got the lasagna and my brother in law ordered Parmesan Chicken. All the foods we ordered was very good. We totally enjoyed our brunch even though we did not plan it. It was unexpected get together but we had fun. It was a very good part of the holiday.

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