I Miss My Family!

My family is the reason why I'm still strong and happy. I love them very much and they're my life. Sometimes I asked myself why I have to be very far from them, why not with them forever? But I realize that I have to be far from them because I need to and I'm married from a guy who is from here & I have to be strong.
Today I just feel like I want to be with them because I miss them a lot. It's hard because in my whole life I never been far away from them like this. Unlike when I was still there I can see them as much as I want. I talked to them when I called on the phone, text or chat online sometimes. I cried when I'm in my room earlier today because I wanted to see them but it is not that easy. I wish I can just fly, that way I can see & be with them anytime I want.
I miss my grandpa and grandma because I raised with them. They took care of me since the day after I was born. They are my best grandparents ever. I felt like I don't know what to do if they're going to leave me forever. I am nothing without them. It's very complicated but I'm closer with them than my real parents but of course I love my parents. It is just where I am used to be with that is why I am more close to my grandparents. I missed my family so bad. I prayed I could see them soon.

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