Exercise is the Best!!!

Nowadays, almost everyone is having problems about their diet. But the best thing to do is doing exercise. If we eat too much without exercise that is the bad habit. Exercise is the best habit that we need to start with not just to eat and seat in our couch while watching our favorite shows on T.V.

Exercising helps a lot to our entire body. It keeps our heart and lungs working efficiently. It is not just good for young individual but also to the older. It does improves our health, bones, prevent from diabetes, heart disease, low the risk of cancer and other illness. Exercise helps also when you're depress or when you're stress. It also clear our mind or brains. Just give time to exercise and you feel better and very relax when you're done exercising.

When I was still in the Philippines I always do exercise almost everyday to the Gym. I paid for it to be member in a small fitness center. I always went for a dance also as part of my exercise. I felt better and I don't get sick that much. When I got here I totally ignore exercising even though we have our own treadmill and some stuff for exercise. I just used it sometimes when I feel like doing it. Over here I don't get sweat and felt like it is always cold specially in the few months after I got here. It feels so different from the country I came from. I did a lot of adjustment so I didn't feel like doing exercise. Lately, I do some walking with my friends, Pilate's, hip hop, & yoga. It really helps and works very well.

When I started to go back exercising I feel so tired and hard to breath. Even if I just do a little bit of walking or anything harder I feel like I can't do it, I can't breath that good, feel lazy or very tiring. But now I feel better and very relaxed. Early this morning we went out for a walk again even though it was raining pretty bad we didn't cancel our plan, we still did it. I got wet but not as bad because we walked at the lake where a lot of trees around it. I felt so good today after our exercise.

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