UberSpat - Online Debating Community

Were you looking for debating community online and you have an interesting topic you want to share? How about Politics information? UberSpat is an online debating community that that is focused on evidence and allows users to submit debates on any topic of their choosing. UberSpat also allows users to submit evidence to debates, such as articles or blog entries, etc. This evidence can then be rated by other users. The best evidence floats to the top. In the end you wind up with a wiki type site where people can go to research information.

This online debating community is very interesting in fact they have placed about "The media is blatantly supporting
Barack Obama's presidential bid". Well for me I can’t and I don’t believe the media suppose to support Barack Obama because they should be in the middle. They have the right to choose who they think is better but to be fair with the other party they should be in the middle.

Anyway, you guys should go to
UberSpat.com because I'm sure you will find more interesting topics.

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