Running a yellow light!!!

My friends and I hanged outs at the mall today and after we shopped around and bought some stuff at Body Bath & Works, I told them I'm going to buy nail polish, hair spray and some feminine stuff. One of my friends said she also wants to buy some over the counter medicine for her Dad in the Philippines so we decided to go to Wal-Mart. There are two Wal-Marts in our area but the closest one is older so we decided to go to the newer one which is 15 to 20 minutes drive. We talked and decided to just drive individually since it's almost late and so when we're done we can just go home and not to bother someone for the ride.

We took the freeway because it's quicker but then after that we still have to take highway. When we got to Wal-Mart, we shop right away and then when we’re done, we decided to just go home since it's already late. We drove like one group of cars following each other like what we did when we're on our way to Wal-Mart. The speed limit of the Highway we took is 40. I was behind my two friends car then I changed lane because our lane has a lot of traffic and very slow. I was driving 41 just 1 mph over the limit.

I am always safe on how I drive but sometimes some unexpected stuffs happened like what I experienced today. I saw the light turns to yellow when I was already close to the intersection so I ended up running with the yellow light because I can't stop it anymore but my other friend was able to stop since I beat her because I changed to the other lane. I suppose I can stop it but it was really hard so I ended up running with the yellow light. I didn't know that there was a cop turning left and was following behind me. I was really nervous thinking that he's going to pull me over and give a ticket of what I did.

I was checking on him if he turns his lights like a red signal to pull me over but he didn't but he’s following me for a while. I thought he was just waiting for a right place to pull me over. I was supposed to take freeway but I took the highway instead because he was following me and it would be easy for me to stop or pull over in the highway than freeway if ever he will. I tried to calm down and focus my driving but I was still nervous and I want to call my husband but using phone while driving here in Washington is illegal and they will give you a ticket for that too so I didn't do that and just wait until I get home and tell him. It seems like the cop was checking in his computer while following me. He might checking my license plate and our records but after the 7 lights I passed, I saw him turning right and not following me anymore.

Oh my Gosh, I felt relieve and the fever I had is gone. He-he I know I should stop when the light turns to yellow but with my situation earlier I can’t stop anymore. I saw a couple cops on my way pulling over with other drivers, they might do speeding. When I got home I told my husband about it and I was still nervous and worried that they might just send me a ticket on the mail. He said that if the cop was there and saw that I was very dangerous driver or if I'm speeding or passing a red light he will pull me over right away and won’t wait very long. He might thought I was driving good though after following me for awhile but hopefully I won’t receive any ticket in the mail. Grrr, I don’t want to have a bad driving record and aside from that, our insurance will get high or will be expensive.

I hope this will give some lessons to all of you. When you’re driving you should always ready to stop. I’m always careful and ready to stop but just today I was not able to. I was driving 41 mph and as I said I was already close to the intersection so I decided to run with the yellow light, good thing it was not red.


Ness said...

Hi Sis I really had fun reading ur driving experienced..I see myself in you..I am just got my license last May so I am still not that confident while driving..I usually trying to bit the yellow light especially if I already caught in the middle of intersection..I hate doing it though.

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Pangit said...

It's ok to run a yellow light, madam. It's a caution. Especially that you were so close to the intersection na, you did what you had to do. You don't want to stop in the middle of the intesection, do you? Hehehe.

Pero hadlok jud ka kay nagsunod-sunod ang pulis nimo noh? Heheh! Nasayop ra to siya og sunod, madam. Dili to ikaw iyang tuyo. LOL.

Ayo-ayo diha!